Andrew Sister Tribute

AndrewsSistersTribute1The Andrews Sisters is extraordinary! Their passion for entertaining spans for nearly two decades and their work has been internationally recognized. Brimming with energy, excitement and camaraderie, these three ladies bring the 40’s era back to life with some of the finest music ever recorded.

These ‘Sweethearts of the U.S.O.’ captivate an audience with a rich vocal blend that only true sisters have. Their can do singing style is truly distinctive and will dazzle you as you sing along. You won’t believe your ears!

  1. Beer Barrel Polka 2:15
  2. Shortenin Bread 2:15
  3. Rum and Coca Cola 2:41
  4. The Armed Forces Medley 1:00
  5. Sincerely 2:55
  6. Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree 3:08