Anthony Garcia

My interest in flamenco began when I was in high school. I had the fortune of taking classes with a guitar teacher who made studying basic music theory palatable to a 15 year old, a true gift for any teacher. As I expanded my listening from rock to jazz, Latin, classical, and flamenco, there was one style that really left me moved: flamenco.

Around 1989 I took some classes with local guitarists Paco Sevilla and Rodrigo Flores, then spent a year in Spain in 1991 – 1992 taking classes with Iñaki Alberro, a student of Andres Batista. Upon returning, I took classes with classical guitarist Robert Wetzel, then with flamenco guitarist Juan Moro.

Prior to dedicating myself to the guitar, I worked as a research assistant at UCSD, the Salk Institute and later at a local biotech company called BrainCells, Inc. That research focused on the brain and spinal cord and learning about neurogenesis in the CNS. I am grateful for the experience and the opportunity to work with some very, very bright people. Throughout those years, while I learned a great deal working with grad students, post docs and principal investigators, I felt a constant desire to express myself artistically through music, one that had always been there, but which I set aside to pursue other, more secure means of income. In 2006 I began to perform at events and started playing for weddings.

I have performed at many, many corporate events for groups including Fortune 500 Companies and look forward to the opportunity to perform for you.