KAWEH – (Pronounced Ka-veh) – is an incredible Flamenco style pop band.
KAWEH is also the name of the talented guitarist who put together this amazing group.

“In today’s homogenized music landscape, it is rare to find a group like Kaweh that blends the best of many different sounds and cultures. Kaweh’s combination of ideas and musicianship is both exciting and engaging.” – Geoff Roach, Executive Director, San Jose Jazz Society.

“The rich acoustic guitar, passionate rhythms, and international flair of Kaweh’s music reaches out to everyone, regardless of age or style preference.” – Mountain View Ala Carte & Art Festival.

Kaweh – Their music is exciting and soulful, and captivates their audiences, worldwide. Kaweh’s style has been compared to Ottmar Liebert, and the Gypsy Kings – described as a fusion of Rumba Flamenca with Latin, Brazilian, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern influences, it is often called WORLD MUSIC, but it is much more than that – Kaweh’s music has a pop feel that will make you want to get up and dance!

Make your next event really special with the music of KAWEH.
They are affordable, professional, and audiences LOVE them!


  1. Amrhumba 0:45
  2. Twice 0:45
  3. Sangre 0:51
  4. Six Mind 6:20
  5. Borrachitos 0:43
  6. Sea Scape 0:48
  7. Vista Point 0:52