DJ Chris Henson

DJ Chris Henson,  Professional Corporate DJ/VJ, has been a Corporate “go to” DJ for over 16 years. Based in Rancho Mirage, Chris’ DJ expertise has included events throughout Southern California,  Arizona, Las Vegas and beyond. Chris has a wide range of experience in numerous types of events, and is very interactive with crowds.  An in-demand DJ,  Chris’ energy and uncanny ability to read a crowd has made him a corporate favorite for many, many events.  Chris only uses high end equipment providing, video and visual effects.




Want to take your DJ experience to the next level?  Chris’ “Battle of the Decade DJ’s” pits the 1970’s against widely recognized and popular music from the 1980’s.  With Chris at the helm of the music from the 1970’s,  he battles one of his favorite DJ’s in a duel for the most popular decade!    Your crowd will enjoy the high energy banter between these 2 DJ’s as they take your guests on a wild ride through these two popular decades.  All you need to do is watch the dance floor to see which DJ prevails!   A highly interactive event!  Contact us for more information.