DJ Baz

DJ Baz has been music-obsessed since the age of 12. As he tells it: From an imaginary radio station in a corner of my bedroom I would “announce” the time and temperature before introducing the next song on my record player. Years later I hosted a nightly radio program on WYSO at Antioch university in […]



C3ASARE (pronounced Chez-uh-ray)is a Multi Instrumentalist, DJ, Producer, Singer, Song Writer, Actor, Dancer and Choreographer. He has been in many different live bands covering a few different genres from Jazz to Classic Rock to Alternative and Pop. He first started making mashups in the late 90s for dance routines and classes he was teaching. In […]

Dynamic Dave DJ


Dynamic Dave uses his DJ talent to ensure your guests are motivated and are having a great time. A fixture in local clubs, social events, corporate events, karaoke — Dave covers it all! “Approachable,” “Professional,” “On-time,” “Energetic,” “Fun” are just a few of the adjectives used in feedback to describe our Dynamic Dave! Contact us […]