Mariachi Divas

Founded in 1999 by trumpet player Cindy Shea, the Two Time Grammy Award Winning Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea is a multicultural, all-female ensemble that continues to push and expand the scope of mariachi music. Since 2003, Mariachi Divas has been the official mariachi of the Disneyland Resort where they entertain audiences of all ages and backgrounds on a year-round basis. Continue reading

Gypsy Fiesta

San Diego based French-American musician Josquin des Pres grew up in the south of France, the epicenter of French Gypsy Rumba that took the world by storm,when the Gipsy Kings invaded the airwaves in the late 1980s. This now popular sound which had taken birth in small communities in the south of France has now become a worldwide phenomenon. Continue reading

Red Loquita

Tera has been performing for the past 25 years, 18 professionally. It all started when her Mexican father Juan Bonilla, born in Delicias, Chihuahua, met her mother Starla while she was in high school in Tustin, CA. They fell in love and that was just the beginning. Tera grew up the oldest of 5 children singing alongside her Papa on the guitar. This not only created a wealth of childhood memories but it helped her realize her love for music. Continue reading

Susie Hansen

Susie Hansen

Electric violinist Susie Hansen plays fiery Latin Jazz and Salsa, creating music that brings audiences to their feet, dancing in the aisles. Susie and her Los Angeles-based band have been acclaimed by many critics, such as Phil Elwood from the San Francisco Examiner who describes them this way: “It’s a sizzling, swinging Salsa band. Hansen can solo as if her bow was afire. The whole room was jumpin’ for joy.” Continue reading

Otro Mundo

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Blending the sounds of Brazil, Spain, the US, Cuba, Africa, and the Middle East, Otro Mundo will take you on a musical journey around the world. The band consists of Dusty Brough on guitar, Kevin Freeby on bass, and Steve Haney on percussion. Together, Otro Mundo beautifully combines the roots of Samba, Bossa Nova, Flamenco and Latin Jazz, as well as Middle Eastern Gypsy, Mediterranean Folk and Balkan music to create a distinctive musical experience. Continue reading


Alturas (formally known as RAMA NUEVE) was born in La Paz, Bolivia in 1975. During the first year the group produced the number one hit song in Bolivia. They also entered and won several folk music festivals and traveled throughout South America performing. Alturas has made his presence known in Sound Tracks, Television Appearances, and is heard in hundreds of Radio Stations around the United States of America, Latin America, and Europe. Their continuous appearances in Universities, Colleges and Festivals have brought audiences to their feet amazed at the skills and professional performance of Alturas.
In March of 2002, Alturas was nominated  as Best Group in The Orange County Music Awards (OCMA) in “World Music” Category.
Alturas has always received a warm reception and this has made them take the decision to tour U.S.A. and Canada in the near future. They are looking forward to spread their music to people of all backgrounds who will lend an ear.
Whenever, and wherever they perform, their professionalism and musicianship is always admired. As Alturas begins to play, audiences cannot resist participation, clapping their hands and singing along, they are soon captivated as the music takes them up to the heights of  “The Flight of the Condor” for an experience they will never forget.


Inka Kings


Inka Kings are considered the outmost representative group in the United States that combines Andean music (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador) with Caribbean/Tropical, Flamenco, Classic and Melodic rhythms, interpreted with Andean instruments.


  1. Llorando Se Fue 4:08
  2. Condor Pasa 4:36
  3. Anakito 2:39
  4. Concierto Aranjuez 5:01
  5. Brazil 4:25