The Zippers got their start early on as favorites on the national TV show StarSearch. After winning multiple shows they went on to become finalists in that national competition, gaining the attention of many fans and industry professionals. Using this valuable publicity as a springboard, the band has since propelled itself to the top of the corporate entertainment latter, becoming one of the most sought after acts in the country. With every member an accomplished vocalist as well as instrumentalist, their repertoire and versatility is nothing short of astounding. With an impressive playlist that covers every conceivable era and style of music, this band can please any audience with their uncanny knack of adapting every show to the particular crowd before them.

Their show is full of high energy performances, and witty and fun presentations of all your favorite songs. Their constant interactivity with the crowd is always endearing and engaging. This way of connecting with their audiences has won them countless repeat engagements with many of the biggest fortune 500 companies in the world. They were recently named Best Dance Band in the USA by the National Music Awards.

This band can readily expand from 6 to 14 pieces to fit the needs of any corporate show, while always assuring the same level of spectacular performance. They work readily with clients to custom tailor shows for each particular event when necessary with costumes, choreography, specialty theme shows, MC duties, whatever the need may be. Whatever style of event you have planned, the Zippers can help you make it a spectacular show!


Motor City Magic

What would happen if you could recruit singers, musicians, and dancers from Diana Ross, Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, Lou Rawls, Rose Royce, The Four Tops, Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, REO Speedwagon, Tina Turner… to name a few, and assemble them together on one stage? The result would be an amazing musical group that rivals the intensity and quality of these very same star acts. That is precisely what happened in 1987!

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The party personified and personalized, with a repertoire to suit any occasion is what THE HEROES offer. This seven piece group is without a doubt, the finest dance /show band Southern California has to offer. The two girls deliver both vocally and visually. Their non-stop choreography is only part of the package, their striking good looks and stylish costuming bring both beauty and glamour to the stage. They also take the show from the stage to the audience with crowd pleasing line dances, the Electric Slide and much more! Their upbeat performance and delightful personalities have captured the hearts of many over the years.


Haute Chile

Haute Chile

What’s Hot?…….HAUTE CHILE’S hot!! With their spicy blend of the hits, past and present. They sing and perform the best of Motown, classic rock, jazz, standards, disco, current hip-hop favorites, topped off with a taste of salsa. With highly energized choreography and a highly stylized look, this seven piece group offers not one or two, but four outstanding vocal talents. All together, Haute Chile delivers the spectacular, making your special event one to remember

Haute Chili Classic

Haute Chile Funk

Haute Chile Jazz

Haute Chile Latin

Haute Chile Orchestre

Haute Chile Reggae

Haute Chile Grande

Big Bang Beat


Big Bang BeatBig Bang Beat - logo

As the name implies, this band is no small production! With four vibrant female vocalists up front, and a beefy horn section that really pumps it out, BIG BANG BEAT is an exciting stage show with lots of choreography and audience participation. With all the dancing and colorful outfits they are as much fun to watch as they are to dance to. The group works from a huge repertoire built on the greatest dance and party hits of every era. Modern Rock, The Motown Sound, The Girl Groups, Disco/ Funk and more….and just the good stuff! This group will make any event become a zany non-stop, energy full night.