The Holly Trends

Your winter-style event feeling a little bit too frosty? This group brings a hip, high energy performance to any modern setting with urban beatboxing and tight harmonies. If you’re looking for something a little edgy and off the beaten path, this is the group for you!

California Feetwarmers


California Feetwarmers bring the dancing back to your feet! Want to have a good time at your next event? How about incorporating a little soulful New Orleans music with a twist!

The California Feetwarmers are an eclectic group of young 20-somethings that play 1920’s music like second nature! Based in Southern California this group also travels worldwide to bring people out on the dance floor and dancing in their shoes. Their unique sound gives a special energy and boost to your ears. Allowing you and your guest to have a good time and not worry about a thing. The best way to describe their vibe and sound is a old-timely New Orleans jazz ensemble. How can you not fall in love with their vibe and sound?

California Feetwarmers performing with LA Shag (available for booking with band.)

California Feetwarmers Grammy Award winning performance with Keb’ Mo’


Harmony Express

maxresdefaultHey all you Doo Wop fans! Harmony Express is the perfect group to hire for your next theme event to bring that classic 50’s sound to life. A quartet of two guys and two gals, Harmony Express is known and admired for their versatility of styles and genres. They are fun and rockin’ and are sure to add that special flare to your event.


ModCappela2Are you looking for something that has some street cred and style? How about having Mod-Capella for your next event!

They are a modern a-cappella group that carry the classic vintage look with a modern contemporary song list. Who wouldn’t want to have this group as a grand entrance or throughout the evening at your event?

  1. MC Demo 3:27

Latin Go!

LatinAGoGo1Latin Go gives a supercharged performance highlighted by formidable flute and sax driven melodies woven with rich, masterful keyboards, artful bass, and positively explosive percussion, percolating with rhythms of congas and timbales.

The compelling rhythms, virturostic group interplay, and spirited passion gives Latin Go a memorable experience. Book Latin Go at your next event!

  1. Descarga 1:00
  2. Jame
  3. Mambo In Fluencia
  4. Moliendo Cafe 1:00
  5. Oye Cayugo 1:01

Cello Brothers

emil dariel

Although in their early teens, brothers Emil and Dariel are making a name for themselves around the world as the youngest American cello virtuoso crossover duo to be featured on a national stage.

Emil and Dariel Live and Let DieTheir goal is to cross over multiple genres of music and implement their classical background in transcending inconceivable barriers known to a classical instrument. Emil and Dariel would like to continue the tradition of finding new and undiscovered techniques in playing the cello and taking it to new heights. They are following in the footsteps of the greatest crossover cellists in becoming the youngest American rock cellists to have ever been discovered.

Didgeridoo Player


Check out this Didgeridoo player! The didgeridoo is an ancient Aboriginal Australian instrument. It is considered to be one of the oldest wind pipe or drone instruments in the world.
This can be a great addition to any tropical or safari themed event.

International Peace Choir


Founded in California in 1987, our mission is to promote world peace with our theme song, “Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me.” Each six through seventeen year old child represents the country of his or her own ethnic, cultural, or national background. The clothes they wear are carefully researched and designed. These costumes introduce our audiences to the dress and costumes of distant lands.

The International Peace Choir has performed at the Opening Ceremonies at Dodger Stadium for the 1991 Olympic Festival, and were part of the Rebuild Los Angeles “Stand and Be Proud” video at the Hollywood Bowl. We have also performed in Coca-Cola’s “Salute to the Olympians” at the Sports Arena and at the Olympic Torch Run at the Coliseum.

Our history is rich and beautiful and we plan to continue building for the future. With our beautiful songs of love and peace, our goal can one day be accomplished.

InternationalPeaceChoir1 InternationalPeaceChoir3

The Tuesdays

Tuesdays-2012-SeanThe Tuesdays are an a cappella vocal group based in Los Angeles. We primarily focus on vocal pop music, but our varied repertoire also includes classical, choral, gospel and jazz.

The Tuesdays range in age from 25-55 and hail from all corners of the globe. We all have day jobs — as teachers, graphic designers, lawyers, ad gurus, and more. Some of us are classically trained, while others have jazz backgrounds, and some are self-taught musicians. Everyone brings a little something special to the mix… and together, it’s musical magic.

Click here for The Tuesdays Song List





The Wicked Tinkers

Prepare yourself for a wild ride with WICKED TINKERS! Pioneers of the growing Tribal Celtic movement, the Tinkers have been playing haunting, heart-pounding bagpipes and irresistible tribal drums as a professional touring band since 1995. With the addition, several years back, of the mesmerizing drone of the Australian didgeridoo and Bronze Age Irish horn, the magic was complete. Sit back and be transported to an earlier time in Scotland and Ireland, when battle cries filled the air and strange, unheard-of creatures roamed the night. Or better yet, get on your feet and let your body move to ancient rhythms and forgotten sounds.

Don’t think this is dry, dusty music for museum shelves – WICKED TINKERS merge the best of modern, almost rock-and-roll energy with the hypnotic, insistent grooves of their Gaelic ancestors. Rare is the bystander who comes away without feeling a surprising, sometimes bewildering connection to long-forgotten primal emotions … half-memories of ages past and experiences nameless yet somehow familiar. WICKED TINKERS creates music to set your jaw, put a fire in your belly, a glint in your eye and a dance in your feet.

In 1995, bagpiper Aaron Shaw met bass drum player Warren Casey at The Celtic Arts Center in Los Angeles, CA. Playing together, they discovered the simple beauty and power of the music created by these two instruments.

“The combination seemed to tap the very soul of Gaelic Music,” says Shaw.

This is the music you might have heard hundreds of years ago at a Scottish wedding celebration, or perhaps around the campfire of a Highland raiding party – a raw, exciting sound that touches you on a primal level. To express this feeling of the ancient within the modern world, WICKED TINKERS was born.

Over the years, the band has evolved. Keith Jones joined in on snare drum and hand percussion in 2000, followed by CJ Henderson on didgeridoo and the recently discovered Bronze-Age Irish Horn – a sound that was lost for over three thousand years. This strange and unlikely combination of instruments seems to access our deepest connection to a primal place that is both ancient and hauntingly familiar. It is the music of our Celtic ancestors, reimagined for the twenty-first century.


The Blue Sage

For Utah entertainment consideration:

The music of Blue Sage revolves around the repertoire of folk singer Mike Iverson. Widely regarded as one of the finest clawhammer style banjo players, Mike also plays guitar and mandolin with the band.

Playing bass fiddle with the band is Shauna Iverson whose driving technique powers the Blue Sage sound. Shauna’s personality shines through on stage and audiences find her as much fun to watch as to listen to!

Blue Sage features the “twin fiddles” of Rob Ricks and Heather Blaisdail. Rob is an incredibly gifted bluegrass fiddler while Heather draws from the Celtic and American fiddle tradition; the mix of the two styles is pure magic on stage. It’s our “twin fiddles” that allow us to occasionally include traditional Barnyard dancing as part of the Blue Sage experience or a well-known Cowboy poet.

Poet Don Kennington



Bebe Neuwirth

This intense, quirky, multi-talented actor-singer-dancer, who after achieving Broadway success (including a Tony) as a tough-talking dancer in the 1986 revival of “Sweet Charity”, enjoyed similar award-winning popularity for her deadpan portrayal of the brittle, astringent yet sexually smoldering Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane on NBC’s long-running sitcom, “Cheers”. Bebe Neuwirth’s parents were a mathematician and an artist, which pretty much sums up her appeal: she seems to have a fiercely analytical approach to her acting. After schooling at Juilliard, she got her start touring in “A Chorus Line” (1978-81), playing various roles including the tough-talking Sheila and the more vulnerable Cassie, and on Broadway in such productions as “Little Me” and Bob Fosse’s “Dancin'” (both 1982), “The Road to Hollywood” (1984) and “Just So” (1985) before hitting the big time (and winning a Tony Award) in Fosse’s “Sweet Charity” (1986-87).

By this time, her sharp, dark beauty had brought her to the attention of Hollywood. Neuwirth began doing cameos as Frasier Crane’s repressed siren wife on “Cheers” (NBC). She continued as a semi-regular character through 1992, and has reprised the role from time to time on the spin-off “Frasier” (NBC, 1993-2004). Her other TV work has been spotty. Neuwirth had supporting roles in the 1990 dramas “Without Her Consent” (NBC), as famed attorney Gloria Allred, and “Unspeakable Acts” (ABC). She also appeared on the short-lived dark fantasy series “Wild Palms” (ABC, 1993). “Dear Diary”, a failed ABC sitcom pilot in which Neuwirth portrayed an editor and diarist, was released in 1996 as a short film and won an Oscar as Best Short Subject.

Neuwirth has appeared in a handful of films, few of which have exploited her peculiar, dry talents. She debuted as a guidance counselor in “Say Anything” (1989) and had supporting roles in “Green Card” (1990), as Andie MacDowell’s best friend, and in “Bugsy” (1991), as the real-life socialite Countess di Frasso. In the effective thriller “Malice” (1993), Neuwirth was the detective trailing Alec Baldwin while in “Jumanji” (1995), she was the aunt of the children who begin playing a mysterious board game. She had perhaps her best role to date in a distinct change of pace as a sexy yuppie in “The Associate” (1996). Additionally, she has also loaned her talents to the kiddie films “All Dogs Go to Heaven 2” (as a voice-over) and “The Adventures of Pinocchio” (both 1996).

But it is onstage that Neuwirth has always been happiest and most effectively utilized. Her combined skills as actor, dancer and singer have been seen in the musical revue “Showing Off” (New York, 1989), as Lola in the 1994 revival of “Damn Yankees” and in the 1996 revival of “Chicago” on Broadway. In the latter, her portrayal of celebrity murderess Velma Kelly (originated by Chita Rivera in 1975) earned her rave reviews and she all but overshadowed co-stars Ann Reinking, James Naughton and Joel Gray. Neuwirth picked up a second Tony Award for her efforts.

Neuwirth had memorable roles in several feature films over the next five years, including playing a hooker in Woody Allen’s film “Celebrity” (1998). Neuwirth had leading roles in two well-received television movies as well, 1999’s “Dash and Lilly” and 2000’s “Cupid & Cate.”

The actress continued to foray back to the small screen, with a recurring role on the short-lived cabbie drama “Hack” (CBS, 2003), an especially amusing stint playing herself on a 2004 episode of “Will & Grace,” and her eventual return to regular series work playing assistant district attorney Tracey Kibre in yet another spin-off of NBC’s legal crime drama franchise, “Law & Order: Trail By Jury” (2005 – ), just to name a few.


What they are saying about “Bebe”:

Send in the cheers with Bebe Neuwirth

Posted by Lynn Woods on February 28, 2012 in Events, Music, Stage · 0 Comments

Bebe Neuwirth’s performance at the Bardavon on Saturday, March 3 is being billed as “Bebe Neuwirth in Songs with Piano.” But the Tony and Emmy Award-winning singer, dancer and actor – she recently starred as Morticia in The Addams Family on Broadway and played Lilith in Cheers and Frasier on TV – characterized the songs that she will be singing as much more than a nice collection of tunes. “They cover a range of different situations in people’s lives,” she said in a recent phone interview. “They’re very rich and deep and contain a great depth of emotion, which could be elation and joy, or heartbreak, or nostalgia and longing. In all of them, the lyrics enhance the music and vice versa.”

Neuwirth added that she doesn’t so much sing the songs as inhabit them: “They really take me with them. This won’t be some girl standing on the stage at a microphone.” She will be accompanied by Scott Cady on the piano; she refers to him as her “musical partner,” given his accomplished artistry. The selection will be wide-ranging, from Edith Piaf to Kurt Weill to Tom Waits to Stephen Sondheim. The Weill songs in particular might surprise people who associate the German songsmith with a certain hard edge: “I find them soulful and romantic and lyrical,” commented Neuwirth.

She first launched her “Songs with Piano” show four years ago – it has been brought back to the stage, with a fresh selection, after a long hiatus – and has performed it in a variety of venues, from a little boîte to a 2,000-seat theater. There really is no difference, when it comes to the emotional intensity of her performance: “These songs can inhabit all these venues.”

Neuwirth also just released her first solo album, Bebe Neuwirth Porcelain, a title that hints at the dichotomy of fragility and strength exemplified by many of the songs. The album will for sale at the Bardavon. The New York-based performer has also been busy with other projects: She just finished shooting an episode for The Good Wife, and next week she starts rehearsals for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in a production by the Classic Stage Company, in the East Village. The play will premiere at the end of March.

Neuwirth has performed in numerous Broadway shows, including Chicago – for which she won three awards, including a Tony – Sweet Charity, Fosse, Damn Yankees and A Chorus Line. She is an honorary Ziegfeld Girl who has also played the lead in many regional theater productions and appeared in Liberty Heights, Summer of Sam, Bugsy and other films. She was nominated for an Emmy for her portrayal of Dorothy Parker in the television film Dash and Lily, and had guest appearances on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Does she have a favorite role? “You always have to fall in love with every job you do, or convince yourself that you are, because it’s not fair to the audience otherwise,” she said. “In some roles I find aspects of myself; some are nothing like me; and some are like me in a way the audience isn’t aware of.” What about Morticia? “There’s nothing of myself in her, although there are things in her I aspire to. She has an elegance and a great calm and composure. I’ve had moments of elegance.”





William Joseph

WilliamJoseph2Prodigy William Joseph has been playing the piano for about as long as he’s been able to form sentences. Now in his mid-twenties, he has toured with Josh Groban and Clay Aiken, and has collaborated with Barbra Streisand, Natalie Cole, Kenny G, Il Divo and Peter Cincotti. Best known for his interpretation of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir,” William has been winning fans and gaining recognition for his visceral and dynamic technique and unforgettable live performances.

Having released his second album titled “Beyond” in late 2008, William builds upon his repertoire, only strengthening his unique fusion of Classical meets classic Rock. Music industry mogul David Foster, who produced the album, speaks highly of his self-proclaimed protégé, exclaiming “William sat down and played this beautiful piece magnificently and to perfection…A standing ovation later and I knew I had to work with him.”



Bringing audiences to their feet around the country, dynamic vocal group Figaro is America’s latest corporate entertainment sensation.

In the spirit of Il Divo, four of America’s most dynamic performers with successful careers in opera, music theatre and the concert circuit, have grouped together to perform entertaining and moving renditions of popular “crossover” classics.

Versatile and highly adaptable, their performances are customized to suit the unique nature of each event and location, whilst incorporating that specialized touch of audience interaction.

Be it a small cocktail party, large presentation diners, gala launches, or private receptions, Figaro puts on a powerful and sophisticated performance sure to take your special event to a new level.



The Unexpected Boys

For the last two years, The Unexpected Boys have amazed audiences all over the world with their award-winning tribute to one of the most recognized bands to ever hit the airwaves…Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.

They have headlined in such cities and venues as The Atlantis in Dubai, Istanbul, Athens, the Caribbean, and all over the USA. They have opened for such celebrities as Miss Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Deborah Cox, and Chubby Checker, and were recently featured on the season finale of The Housewives of New York on The Bravo Network.

Michael Cerbelli from Total Entertainment was quoted as saying “As an entertainment producer, if they amaze me in five minutes, then I know the crowd will never forget them…I still get accolades from everyone I run into that know them!”

They have garnered awards and accolades from such industry organizations as The Special Event Show and ISES.

We realize there are many Four Seasons acts to choose from, but accept no imitation…”The Unexpected Boys are the finest tribute act that I have ever seen!” – Daniel Levine (Producer)

Don’t miss your chance to see these Jersey wise guys sing those hits like SHERRY, WALK LIKE A MAN, LET’S HANG ON, BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY, and many more in a performance you will NEVER forget!




Under+Cover+Ent.-156-1827356138-OHip, Fresh, Exclusive live band entertainment for weddings and corporate events. Undercover Live Entertainment provides 5-15 piece live band entertainment by creating an unparalleled live band experience for our clients, weddings, and corporate events. This dynamic, fun, energetic and high-impact band is sure to fill the dance-floor for your event. Our groups specializes in high energy dance music – Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk. Latin, R&B, Top 40 and all of your favorite music from the 50′s to the present-day.

Listen to Undercover Here:

The Amazing Waiters

The Amazing WaitersThe Amazing Waiters™ is the brain child and off-shoot of THE AMAZING TENORS™, both created by Broadway & Opera Stars, Sean McDermott and James Anest.

Together they bring over 30 years experience, having performed in thousands of high-end corporate shows as solo artists, singing waiters, and numerous other types of entertainment.
The Singing Waiter element fulfills many elements to a night. You have diversion/surprise, wonderful music tailored to your theme or guest preference, comedy which brings laughter and chatter, branding or attendee emphasis which will make your guests (or client) feel special, and finally the incredible talent which everyone is attracted to.
The Amazing Waiter experience is like no other Singing Waiter act. From the moment your guests arrive, they are met with our in cognito artists, mixing, pour a glass of water, possibly ask if someone would like some red or white wine, all the regular duties of a server…that is until it’s SHOW TIMEThe Amazing Waiters

We are subtle…you may not have even noticed the nuance…that’s the idea!

The Company Men

timthumbShawn, Daniel, Brian, and Stuart were all working their 9-to-5 jobs, putting in long hours to support themselves and their families:

  • – Shawn worked for “the mouse,”
  • – Daniel juggled website construction with being a stay-at-home dad,
  • – Brian worked for his family’s executive search firm, and
  • – Stuart was serving in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Fast forward to a Las Vegas casino in April, 2011, where the four found themselves discussing their individual dreams and goals.  Call it fate, call it a lapse in judgement, but all 4 guys decided together to take a risk: to move away from the security of the 9-to-5 job and start the COMPANY MEN.

“Modern Gentlemen”

In addition to a deep love and respect for yesterday’s music, they also wanted to bring back what it means to be “a gentleman.” It’s more than just being polite:

  • – A gentleman opens the door for others.
  • – A gentleman stands when a woman returns to the table.
  • – A gentleman displays chivalry and respect to all.

Their history creates a deep appreciation for each and every opportunity to perform. Each concert is one step further away from that 9-to-5 job, and another step closer to a career like those of their musical influences.


Greg Goldman


Greg is a Southern California-based singer / guitarist specializing in acoustic and electric blues and roots rock. Whether performing as an acoustic solo artist, in an acoustic duo or with his electric trio, Greg’s style stays faithful to musical tradition while adding a modern twist.


  1. Lay Down Sally 4:04
  2. Cold Shot 3:34
  3. The Wind Cries Mary 3:14
  4. Empty Arms 3:24
  5. Right Next Door 4:57