Scott Williams Hammered Dulcimer

After spontaneously purchasing a hammered dulcimer at a Renaissance festival in college, Scott Williams has developed a repertoire of Celtic, colonial, medieval, rock, and Renaissance music.  As a multi-instrumentalist, Scott performs and records the majority of what he calls his “backing tracks.” These tracks are studio mixes of guitars, cello, bass, drums, mountain dulcimer, mandolins, and synthesizers to create the foundation of his music. He then performs live with the hammered dulcimer to combine the sounds for a presentation of what sounds like a full ensemble. Continue reading

Marta Z

Marta Z is enjoying her DJ Electric Violin performing and studio recording careers as one of South California’s leading and much sought-after violinists. In addition to her experience as a classical musician with Doctorate Degree in Violin Performance, she has crossed over to the non-classical scene, playing her electric violins and recording in genres leaping from Flamenco to Jazz, Folk, Indie, Pop, Rock, EDM and House Top40’s. Continue reading

Harpist Stephanie B

Stephanie B has performed in the United States, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Panama, France and Switzerland, including solo harp performances of her own compositions at the Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), as a guest artist at the International Music Seminars in Montpelier, France, and at the International Conference on Women in Music. She has performed for President Obama, the President of Israel, and the President of Ireland. Continue reading

Tom G Chapman Stick

Until you’ve seen it performed live, the music of Chapman Stick player Tom Griesgraber sounds too big to be real. There are acoustic guitar or piano-like moments, funk rock bass lines, ambient synth and soundscape textures, rock guitar leads, jazz solos and even small bits of percussion sometimes all happening simultaneously. To the uninitiated listener it sounds like an ensemble, but to those who have seem him live, it is the magic of a unique virtuoso. Continue reading


Born in South Korea, Jamie Shadowlight moved to the United States at the age of 2. She started playing classical violin at age 5 and by the age of 12, was known as an award winning violinist in LA, winning the Grand Prize for the LA/KOREAN Times Concerto Competition, and the Gold Medal for her trio in the Bach Festival, among many others. Continue reading

Cello Brothers

emil dariel

Although in their early teens, brothers Emil and Dariel are making a name for themselves around the world as the youngest American cello virtuoso crossover duo to be featured on a national stage.

Emil and Dariel Live and Let DieTheir goal is to cross over multiple genres of music and implement their classical background in transcending inconceivable barriers known to a classical instrument. Emil and Dariel would like to continue the tradition of finding new and undiscovered techniques in playing the cello and taking it to new heights. They are following in the footsteps of the greatest crossover cellists in becoming the youngest American rock cellists to have ever been discovered.


Electro Hip-Hop Violinist

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 11.55.33 AMElectro Hip-Hop Violinist as seen on Americas Got Talent. He is one of the most profound and unique acts of today. He is globally recognized for his incredible talent to recreate music and songs of today on the violin while using his ability to dance to the beat of the music like no one else!

While finishing a 60 city U.S. tour and overseas shows in Europe and Dubai, and has shared stages with iconic stars such as Kanya West, Jamie Fox, Phillip Phillips, Ceelo Green and The Black Keys!
A phenominal act who will bring the music to life at your event!

Del Lago Trio

webphotoDel Lago Trio is an engaging and elegant ensemble that will create a sophisticated ambiance. This versatile trio performs a variety of musical styles, from Classical to Contemporary. They will tailor the music to suit your needs. Their versatility represents over 20 years of professional performance throughout Southern California and the United States.

The Del Lago Trio musicians have performed with the Honolulu Symphony, American Ballet Theater, Pageant of the Masters Orchestra, and many more. They have worked with a wide spectrum of artists, including Dionne Warwick, Henry Mancini, Yanni, and Stevie Wonder. They have also performed for The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ellen Degeneres, and American Idol.

We can provide trios, quartets, and quintets with different instrumentation available. Solo Jazz piano, duos, quartets, and quintets are also available.


  1. That's Amore 0:37
  2. At Last 0:39
  3. midnight clear 0:47
  4. Air on G 0:41



Zen is the Charlie’s Angels of strings & vocals. This trio is the hottest new group to hit the music market branding the concept of “singing & playing” at the same time. Co-founded by lead singer T and her husband Trey, they show how magic can happen by combining her concept of “singing & playing” along with his extensive background in sound production. Together, they wanted to create a group unlike any other that was hot, edgy and unique. Continue reading

Bella Electric Strings

Bella Electric Strings lead by rock violinist and arranger Nina Di Gregorio, has rocked audiences worldwide with their blistering solos, unique arrangements —not to mention their beauty and charm. The girls have performed with some of the biggest names in the business, from Beyonce to Shakira to Andrea Bocelli, and have appeared on America’s Got Talent Season 1. Bella Electric Strings were recently featured in a David Foster and Friends concert alongside the legendary songwriter and producer.The girls perform on Yamaha instruments and their music can be heard during many Yamaha String Educator clinics. Recently, the girls were the featured string quartet for Richard Marx, backing him up for his Las Vegas all acoustic show. The girls also comprised most of the string sections for both the Yellow Brick Road Symphonic Rock Show as well as legendary rockers Deep Purple, at the Pearl Theatre in Las Vegas. They keep a busy corporate schedule, and are one of the most sought-after acts in North America.


ReString – Modern Music in Strings

They may look and sit poised as a traditional String Quartet, but when the first hair of the violinist’s bow glides across the strings you’ll soon realize, that’s about all that is “traditional” about ReString.

Your guests will delight when they realize they’re hearing some of today’s most popular music set to strings. A wide genre of music from contemporary to rock to alternative are covered by ReString. This collection of highly skilled string players’ set list reads like a DJ’s playlist with anything ranging from The Rolling Stones, U2, The Pixies, Lady Gaga, New Order, Journey, Coldplay, The Verve, The Beatles, Adele, Nirvana, The Police and more!

 Click Here for ReString Song List

Erica Powell Harpist

Harpist Erica Powell is sought out for her charismatic performances and thorough teaching style. She spent 5 years living in Northern England, where she performed with the Northern Sinfonia, the Leeds Sinfonia, and the Durham Sinfonia. During this time, she taught at the Sage Gateshead Centre for the Performing Arts, the British centre for excellence in music education.

Continue reading

Christian Chalifour Harp Harpist

Christian Chalifour Harp Harpist2Christian has been harping across the Coachella Valley since 1995.  Previously a slave to the piano, he turned his attention to the harp in 1977, when he met famed legendary pop harp virtuosos Lloyd Lindroth in Anchorage, Alaska.

After only fourteen months, he placed third in the Salvi Pop & Jazz Harp Festival & Competition in Santa Barbara,  launching him on a “self-inflicted whirlwind tour of the planet” aboard cruise ships, in hotels and fine restaurants the world over, and for countless private engagements which have kept him ever busy and in demand.

  1. Demo 2:04

Phat Strad

Phat Strad1Born in a nightclub in Las Vegas, PHAT STRAD has developed into one of the premier String showcases out there. Unique, ultra-cool, rockin’, elegant, beautiful, smooth, versatile, musical and visual appealing to everyone.

PHAT STRAD has its own musical style. Taking a great song and creating a unique arrangement for it designed specifically for a string quartet. Adding to it unique choreography and their own performance flair, PHAT STRAD has a wide appeal for all sorts of audiences.






String Angels

The perfect compliment to any event, STRING ANGELS is a dynamic, sophisticated act which brings the classics into the twenty-first century with a bang! Three world class string players explode onto the stage in a stunning show designed to fit perfectly within the flow of your function. You and your guests have never seen or heard classical music like this before!


Whether they are the featured entertainment at your event, or are called on to brilliantly punctuate its opening or closing, the Angels add a level of excitement and sophistication that has to be seen to be believed!

Option 1. Featured Act- 25 minutes

The girls burst onto the stage bringing classical music to life with choreographed steps, interaction with the audience and sheer virtuosic brilliance!

Option 2. High Impact Opener/ Closer- 5 minutes

A High Impact Opener/ Closer is the perfect way to get your guests seated or put a finishing cap on your event.

Option 3. Combination of the above.

A great way to spread the entertainment over the whole evening, two featured acts will keep your guests wanting more! Please contact us to design a show for your event.

A show designed to elegantly enhance your event, STRING ANGELS is pure style – these immaculately presented, experienced young performers play a wide ranging, crowd-pleasing repertoire. STRING ANGELS requires a minimum of production: the Angels bring their own high-quality backing tracks and Violins. We encourage clients to use three spotlights & take advantage of the Angels’ stunning visual impact…

The famous classical songs you know and love get a contemporary twist alongside some great rock anthems – and the Angels’ virtuoso live playing will blow you away!

Another great act from the creators of The Three Waiters, STRING ANGELS is a highly entertaining show loved by audiences from Venice to Vegas, from Sydney to Dubai and Brazil. Contact us for more information.

The incredible STRING ANGELS: Three electric violins – Three brilliant musicians – One explosive show!


Lynne Lockwood

Lynn’s repertoire ranges from ancient Celtic tunes to contemporary melodies and classics. The delicate, romantic quality of the harp adds magic to your special occasion. The harps soothing sounds puts your guest into the perfect mood for a wedding, dinner party or elegant corporate function.








  1. Track 01 3:56
  2. Track 02 3:46
  3. Track 03 2:35
  4. Track 04 3:53
  5. Track 05 4:30
  6. Track 06 7:40
  7. Track 07 3:04
  8. Track 08 4:51
  9. Track 09 4:34

String Theory Productions

String TheoryString Theory Productions is a collaborative performance ensemble dedicated to creating multi media innovative work. By combining music,
movement, and sculptural long-string installations, each performance becomes a site-specific visual soundtrack.

Featured Instrumentation:

The Curve Harp and the Vertical Harp are some of the invented instruments that are featured.

Each of the instruments uses brilliant brass wire to create a site-specific
installation. A Curve Harp installation can extend up to 1,000 feet. The
long-strings highlight aspects of architecture and environment creating
compositions of sound & space.

Choreography is created through the action of playing the strings. When the strings are inactive they become a sculptural installation.





Two for Tea

Two for Tea

This Stan Watkins group called TWO FOR TEA plays good old fashioned music. The kind you want to sing along with. We play for the older crowd who have been virtually forgotten by today’s musicians and the younger crowd that yearns for something a little old timey. Tin Pan Alley is where we live musically. Irving Berlin, The Gershwins, Cole Porter, Rogers and Hart and the many others of their ilk are our influences. Keith Droste’s virtuoso piano stylings set the tone for this musical stroll down memory lane with Stan lending a hand with his unique brand of vocals and trumpet playing. TWO FOR TEA is available for an elegant afternoon Tea or any type of occasion where everything old is new again.


  1. Hello Dolly 1:55


Tracy Moss

Tracy Moss

Tracy Moss is one of today’s most exciting and unique entertainers. She started her training at the tender age of four in her native, southern California and has become on of those rare performers of many talents singing, dancing and acting, with a WOW! personality. That’s not all. Tracy Moss is the hottest jazz harpist you’ll ever see. She can really make it talk. She has appeared in numerous TV commercials as a spokesperson for various products and is also a big favorite in Las Vegas, where she has appeared in some of the top hotels, including the Sands, Riviera and Flamingo. A special room was built for her at the famed Tropicana hotel, where she had an extended, smash engagement and she has attracted faithful audiences in up-tempo Tahoe-Reno area, as well as Atlantic City.

It comes as no surprise that with Tracy’s Sensational training and talent she has appeared with the Los Angeles and Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra and shared the spotlight with pianist Roger Williams on a 30 city national tour. Ms. Moss’s following extends enthusiastically to far-flung corners of the world, as she has appeared on tour in the Far East, starred in the Château Luarier in Ottawa, Canada, and is big, in box offices in Caracas, Venezuela, where she has performed in nearly two dozen top TV variety shows.

Her act is dynamite. Variety says,…”zing…loads of personality – her act is well-rounded and so is she.


  1. TracyMoss01 3:10
  2. TracyMoss02 3:51
  3. TracyMoss03 2:57
  4. TracyMoss04 3:23
  5. TracyMoss05 1:43
  6. TracyMoss06 3:26
  7. TracyMoss07 2:46
  8. TracyMoss08 3:03

String Planet

String Planet features violist Novi and composer-Stick player Larry Tuttle. In their music, Classical Crossover meets World Beat – 20th Century classical influences are combined with an ethnic percussion section and a pop-music aesthetic. Lyrical melodies soar over a moving bed of drums and hand drums.
Novi and Larry recorded and toured together for years, combining the Stick and viola with a world music rhythm feel.


Growing up in Seattle, Washington, Larry Tuttle discovered the string bass at age nine and embarked on a childhood saturated in music, playing in school orchestras, All-City orchestras, Youth Symphonies, college symphonies, and just about every kind of ensemble imaginable. Larry studied classically at the University of Washington as a string bass major under James Harnett (principal bass – Seattle Symphony) as well as taking extensive private study with such notables as Ron Simon, Ring Warner and Oscar Zimmerman. A short study course in ear-training with jazz great Gary Peacock was a revelation, opening his ears to jazz and helping to develop deep listening skills and musical philosophy. Larry played principal bass for a summer at the National Music Camp in Interlochen, as well as sitting in with the Seattle Symphony as an honor student.

Discovering the electric bass and progressive rock bands such as Yes, ELP and Gentle Giant while in high school, Larry went on to play for ten years with rock group “Russia”, moving to Los Angeles and recording two albums for Warner Bros. Records.

After the Russia years, looking to expand his musical choices, he added The Stick to his repertoire of instruments. It was a life-changing move. The Stick opened up entire vistas of musical expression. As a new instrument with plenty of untapped potential, it offered both a challenge and an opportunity for creating a totally unique musical identity. The Stick’s two-handed playing technique and contrapuntal sound also made it an ideal instrument for expression as a composer.


Novi Novog and her viola have been heard and seen on recordings, films and concert stages all over the world. She is one of LA’s top session musicians, with a long list of credits including solos on Prince’s “Purple Rain” and “Raspberry Beret,” The Doobie Brothers’ “Black Water”, and album appearances for such diverse artists as Bonnie Raitt, Terrance Trent D’Arby, Michael Jackson, 10,000 Maniacs, Cher, James Taylor, Spinal Tap, Madonna, Tom Petty and Tangerine Dream. Her performing credits include such names as Frank Zappa, The Doobie Brothers, Aretha Franklin and Jennifer Warnes. A valley girl from North Hollywood, CA, Novi began playing piano at age four. When she was eight, she took up the violin, then moved on to viola. As part of the American Youth Symphony, Novi studied under Mehli Mehta, then attended California Institute of the Arts on scholarship under Louis Kievman, where she received the American String Teachers Award. In addition to her work in viola and piano, she studied composition at Cal Arts under Leonard Stein and Alan Chaplin.

Cindy Brogan


Cynthia Brogan, violinist/violist, graduated with honors and received degrees in Instrumental Music Performance from College of the Desert and from the California State University, Northridge. Mrs. Brogan maintains a busy schedule freelancing throughout the Southern California region and has performed with a variety of contemporary artists including Clay Aiken, Tony Bennett, Vicki Carr, Ray Charles, Robert Goulet, Shirley Jones, Wayne Newton, Olivia Newton-John, Smokey Robinson, Suzanne Somers and Dionne Warwick. A native of the Coachella Valley, she is the violin soloist at Temple Sinai in Palm Desert, CA and performs with many local ensembles including the San Bernardino and Redlands Symphony Orchestras. Mrs. Brogan is past-President and member of the Music Teachers of the Desert, the California Association of Music Teachers and Music Teachers National Association and is a private string instructor and a violin instructor at many local school within the school district. Cindy is also a member of the American Federation of Musicians and Professional Musicians. Cindy is professional, prompt and always delivers a quality performance.

A playlist for Cindy can be downloaded here:  STRING TRIO SELECTIONS


  1. La Rejouissance 0:52
  2. Memory from "Cats" 2:35
  3. Canon 1:22
  4. All I Ask of You "Phantom of the Opera" 1:32
  5. Rondeau 0:52
  6. Blue Danube Waltz 1:07
  7. Air 1:43
  8. Trumpet Voluntary 1:05
  9. Hornpipe 1:17
  10. Bridal Chorus 0:50

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

RODEO DRIVE began their personal and professional love affair in 1980. Since that time, they have been responsible for bringing smiles and sometimes tears to their audiences world wide.

Marilyn began her career performing with the world renowned Young Americans. With them, she has graced the stages of television and theatres in many countries around the world. Randy has been performing since he was 10 years old. He met Marilyn when he was cast opposite her as Perchik, in Fiddler on the Roof. Rand also presently performs with THE THREE WAITERS, an internationally recognized corporate entertainment act.

Togethere Marilyn and Randy seamlessly combine many musical styles both past and present. Be ready to dance and listen to music from virtually every spectrum of the musical charts..…diversity is RODEO Drives’s calling card.