Harry Freedman Comedian Corporate Imposter


As a Corporate Put-on Comedian and Emcee, Harry has performed for hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies, and is frequently rated ‘best speaker’ at their conferences. As a stand-up comedian, Harry is a regular opening act for Ray Romano; and as an actor, he has appeared on shows like “Everybody Loves Raymond” (CBS) and “Men Of a Certain Age.” (TNT) With over three decades experience from the clubs of Las Vegas to the corporate boardroom, Harry Freedman is a comic you can trust. Continue reading

Joe Castillo

Keynote Speaker – Joe is a gifted speaker, entertaining and captivating hundreds of thousands of people over a period of thirty-two years. He has mastered the ability to share his art stories in a way that inspires, motivates and touches the heart. Speaking to corporate events, churches, and conferences has made him a much-requested entertainer, storyteller and motivational speaker. The audience will leave his sessions feeling uplifted and filled with a desire to be more than they ever dreamed. Continue reading

Lynn Rose

LynnRose1Do you need an Energetic Headliner that brings Musical Motivation as a way to spice up or kick off your event?

Or, do you need a Powerful EmCee that is quick thinking on her feet and instantly engaging?

As a Headliner, Lynn has toured all around the world having opened for Sheryl Crow, Jay Leno and Kenny Loggins and many more. She even sang at The Super Bowl 2003.

Debbie Keller

Debbie (a.k.a. Venus) is also a highly entertaining speaker and has presented to major corporations, golf industry groups and non-profit organizations. Her narrative about life on and off the golf course is filled with wit and humor. Debbie’s view on the differences between men (Martians) and women (Venutians) golfers will leave you smiling all the way to your next tee time.



Debbie Keller, (formally Debbie Steinbach) is the founder and CEO of Venus Golf and the author of Venus on the Fairway, a popular book that highlighted the differences between men and women on the golf course and explained why different kinds of instruction are appropriate for each gender. Under a subtitle of “Creating a Swing and a Game That Works for Women”, Keller’s premise is that men and women are different – both physically and psychologically and that the same teaching methods don’t apply to both.In February of 2004 Debbie released her second book, Venus On the Fringe, with the subtitle Creating a Swing That Works for Humans! With this second book, Debbie explained there are no differences between men and women regarding the short game, it is all about technique.  





After playing for 12 years on Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour, Keller decided to focus her career on golf instruction. She became a Class A teaching professional and soon thereafter was selected by Golf for Women Magazine as a “Top 50” instructor. She teaches private lessons at The Palms Country Club in La Quinta, California as well as conducts entertaining and instructional clinics for major corporations and other organizations throughout the United States.During her career Debbie posted eight different course records, 11 holes-in-one and a low competitive round of 64 at the Riverside Golf Club in San Jose, California. Her depth of knowledge about golf led her to becoming a commentator for NBC-TV, ESPN and several cable networks. She co-hosted the talk radio show in Palm Springs called “Tee Time” for two years.


Keller is a contributing editor for Golf Tips Magazine and a frequent writer for Golf for Women magazine. She has been a spokesperson for infomercials produced by several golf companies, including Daiwa, Matzie, Carbite, GolfGear, and The Medicus.

A native of Orange County, California, Keller attended The University of Fullerton, California. She is currently the national spokesperson for the fast growing and popular women’s golf organization, Women On Course as well as the newest member of the elite Callaway Golf instructional team called “Master Staff” professionals.

Today, Debbie is married to her “favorite Martian” Scott Keller and they split their time between homes in Rancho Mirage, California and Chicago, Illinois. Debbie Keller aka “Venus” continues to spread her message that men and women are different and should be taught golf differently through her published articles, speeches and golf clinics throughout the country.


Nando Parrado


His is a story that many will recognize, but few have an opportunity to hear first hand. Nando Parrado recounts the extraordinary tale of how he and 15 of his teammates survived for 72 brutal days after their plane crashed into the frozen Andes Mountains over 30 years ago. It remains one of the paramount survival stories of all time.

From the time the plane crashed on October 13, 1972 until their rescue on December 22, Nando and his fellow Uruguayan rugby teammates were forced to cross both physical and mental boundaries. After waking from a concussion only to learn that his mother had died on impact and his sister was near death, Nando became obsessed with surviving and emerged a hero after he and teammate Roberto Canessa walked for 10 days to find their salvation. Their story of courage, teamwork, determination and leadership, experienced at a level few have known, will leave you with a heightened awareness of the value of human life.

Soon after the rescue of the 16 survivors, Nando worked with Piers Paul Read, the author chosen by the survivors to pen the best-selling book Alive. Twenty years later, Nando served as technical advisor to the Frank Marshall/Kathleen Kennedy production of the film of the same name starring Ethan Hawke as Nando. The success of the film quickly prompted requests for Nando to speak around the world about the “Miracle in the Andes” and he began doing so on a very limited basis in 1995. The requests for presentations continue to exceed the number that he is able to accept due to business and family obligations. Nando is the author of the New York Times bestseller Miracle in the Andes: 72 Days on the Mountain and My Long Trek Home, a major release from Crown books which tells the story of the Andes ordeal from an intensely personal perspective.

Since this experience, Nando has become a successful businessman and television producer. He is CEO of four companies in Uruguay. He also hosts several popular television programs in Uruguay including shows on nature, public affairs, autos and travel. He is also a highly sought-after speaker on the international lecture circuit.

In his spare time, Nando enjoys racing motorcycles, sports cars, stock cars and watercraft. He has many awards, including the European Team Cup for stock car racing and the Open Watercraft Championship in Punta Del Este, Uruguay. In 1991, Nando was part of a team of drivers who raced across the Sahara in stock model Peugeots. The trip, from Morocco to Tunisia, covered 8,500 km and took 28 days.

A native of Montevideo, Uruguay, Nando graduated from Stella Maris College run by the Irish Christian Brothers. He also participated in a study abroad in the United States that allowed him to attend high school in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Nando speaks five languages and travels extensively.


Handwriting Analysis

Paula A. Sassi, Certified Master Graphologist, has achieved the highest level of certification in the art and science of graphology and holds a B.A. in Psychology and Adult Education. In 1980, she established her private practice, Handwriting Consultants International, and later formed a corporation, Paula A. Sassi, Inc. that serves a diverse group of clients in the areas of personnel selection, behavioral profiling and compatibility analyses.

By correlating handwriting strokes and styles to personality traits, Paula provides valuable insights that help employers hire the best candidates and build winning teams as well as resolve conflicts. A published author, she has helped both adults and children improve their handwriting and learning abilities as documented in her professionally published book, “Better Handwriting in 30 Days.” She also co-authored four course books in handwriting analysis which are available through her school, The Academy of Handwriting Sciences.

As editor of “Handwriting Insights,” a five minute handwriting analysis kit, Paula provides a fun and interesting way to learn the basics of graphology. Her career includes numerous appearances on TV and radio broadcasts, both nationally and locally. In her hometown of San Diego, California she is considered the resident expert on handwriting analysis. Her work has been highlighted on Fox News Live and on the talk show, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” For the past two decades, her newspaper and on-air analyses of well-known personalities such as Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Mosther Teresa, Donald Trump, members of San Diego baseball and football teams and many others have captivated and intrigued audiences.

Paula has presented numerous lectures, workshops and seminars on handwriting analysis for corporations, clubs, social groups and conventions. Her workshop on Team Building has been utilized by companies such as Qualcomm, Ernst & Young and various Chambers of Commerce. She also offers a sales seminar entitled “Insights through Expressive Movement” that enables salespeople to gain insight into their potential customers simply by analyzing their signatures. These valuable lessons are especially useful in Real Estate, Financial Planning and many other high investment sales environments. At conventions, Paula invites visitors to pen a positive statement about the company’s product and then analyses their writing as a form of entertainment and reward for visiting her sponsor’s exhibition booth. Her skills invariably make that company’s booth the most visited exhibit at the convention.

As a speaker, consultant and author, Paula offers a unique way of learning how to understand yourself and others through handwriting analysis.

What’s Your Personality Type

Find out how to determine if you are a Driving, Expressive, Amiable or Analytical  personality type.

Signature Secrets

Learn what your signature reveals about your public personality.

Cracking the Case Using Handwriting Analysis

Learn basic dishonesty indicators and help solve some complex and interesting cases.

Handwriting and History

Explore a fantastic collection of antique handwritten books, letters and documents and find out what handwriting can reveal about bygone eras.

Hiring the “Write” Way

Discover your own or potential employees’ career strengths using handwriting analysis.

The Psychology of Handwriting

Learn the many handwriting indicators that reveal the psychological dynamics personality types.

How to Know Your Students through Their Handwriting

This presentation offers insightful clues to help teachers and parents facilitate students of any age.

Robert Kriegel

Robert Kriegel is corporate America’s #1 “Thriving in Turbulent Times” speaker.

The New York Times and Business Week best-selling author of If it Ain’t Broke… Break it! and Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers, Dr. Kriegel discusses how to develop a bold, proactive Change-Ready© mind set that is critical for success in these challenging times.

This year he’s already helped Cigna, Roche, Sunquest, the Department of Defense, Printpack, Allstate, and Morningstar Foods implement customized, ‘out of the box’ strategies that the NY Times calls “a revolution in performance practices.”

Just look at what customers are saying!

“Your ratings as Keynote Speaker averaged 96%, an outstanding achievement and one of the best results for any Keynote Speaker we have had during the four years of the CIGNA Forum series.”

– Cigna

“As a testament to the success of his talk, his teachings were repeated by the participants throughout the work group sessions that day; clearly showing his material and his delivery strongly resonated with the audience.”

– Roche



Greg Bennick

Greg BennickGreg Bennick is not a run of the mill keynote speaker with an standard message cloned from a thousand other presenters. He is not a keynote speaker who lets your audience simply listen and nod along like robots. And he is not a keynote speaker who is going to embarrass you or make you look foolish in front of your boss for the choice you’ve made in bringing him in to speak.

Greg Bennick is, quite simply, the most dynamic keynote speaker in the nation. A passionate educator, an incredibly funny entertainer (imagine a speaker, comedy juggler, clean comedian, and magician all in one), an award-winning film producer, a far reaching world traveler, and an acclaimed expert in the human experience, Greg creates a visual display of words and action every time he takes the stage. He can be the after dinner comedy act that makes the party memorable for years, or he can be the keynote speaker who drives your points home with his own unique style.

Greg will customize his presentation to your theme in order to maximize the impact of your event. As a motivational keynote speaker, Greg does more than entertain: he galvanizes and inspires. Greg speaks from experience. He has been called upon to be a guest speaker before Fortune 500 companies, major universities, and public audiences worldwide. This is outstanding corporate entertainment fueled by a strong message and geared towards your group’s success.




Howard Jay Motivational MetaMagic

Howard JayHoward’s MetaMagic motivational programs deliver breakthrough ideas, powerful tools and practical skills that will inspire productivity and profits you’ve never imagine possible. And — as the world’s only professional “MetaMagician” Howard weaves in world-class illusions to engage, entertain, and drive home powerful ideas in a way that is nothing short of amazing!

Howard Jay magically delivers:
— A Re-energized Office Morale that includes tools that ignite a new hunger for growth and expansion of skills

— Faster Problem-Solving with proven left and right-brain techniquest to quickly fix everday and major business problems.

— Enhanced Teamwork & Communication with “Meta-listening” techniques to resolve conflicts and inspire collaboration.

— Streamlined Productivity that is a solution-based innovation process to create reproducible best-practices and measurable results.

— And finally, Presentation and Sales Skills of the Master that includes performance secrets that instantly allow anyone to create unforgettable meetings, sales calls, and customer service.

See Howard Jay’s Magician Page