Joe Castillo

Keynote Speaker – Joe is a gifted speaker, entertaining and captivating hundreds of thousands of people over a period of thirty-two years. He has mastered the ability to share his art stories in a way that inspires, motivates and touches the heart. Speaking to corporate events, churches, and conferences has made him a much-requested entertainer, storyteller and motivational speaker. The audience will leave his sessions feeling uplifted and filled with a desire to be more than they ever dreamed. Continue reading

Sand Dollar Art

SandDollarArtCustomize the fun with our highly trained and super talented airbrush artists.

Whether you want your Sand Dollar airbrushed or hand-painted, let us do it for you! Our artists hand letter and decorate a sand dollar for each of your guests.  This one of a kind keepsake is a HUGE HIT!

Photo Graffiti Wall


Ever thought about taking guest interaction to a whole new tech level? With Photo Graffiti Wall you give your guests the chance to be creative and have a takeaway! This Photo Graffiti Wall can be designed to match your event theme and colors, as well as, having your company logo. It couldn’t get any better than this. Tech, creative, guest-interactive, and so much more. Inquire today for booking.

Caricature Artist

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.30.09 AM


Ever wonder what you would look like as a caricature? Well now you can! Take a look at the samples our caricature artist have done for other events and parties. If you are looking for something fun for your guests to be a part of, book a caricature artist at your next event. Inquire within for more details.

Tortilla Maker


We serve fresh corn and flour tortillas made along side your Mexican buffet service. Our ladies dress in folkloric Mexican dresses to add color and provide a fuller Mexican feel to your party.

There is nothing better with your Mexican food than the warmth of a freshly made tortilla.



*Tamales and or Empanadas can be made by special request.


Sand Artists

Unknown Unknown-1

SandCastleArtist was founded in 1989 by Greg LeBon. The origins of Archisand actually go back to 1981, when Greg and Rick Foster another founding member entered and won the grand prize in their first sand sculpture event at Cannon Beach, Oregon. They went on to the World Championships, Then in White Rock, British Columbia, and took first in the most Authentic Replica category. In 1983 Greg moved to Southern California and developed relationships with some of sand sculpture’s founding fathers at Sand Sculptors International (SSI). While competing with SSI in the 1980′s, won several U.S., International, and world events. Archisand has competed in the U.S. Open Sand Sculpture event every year since 1989.

Paint Nite

Paint Nite 1In just about two hours, while you’re sipping on a cocktail, our Artist will guide you through each painting so that you come up with your own unique masterpiece at the end of the night that you will be amazed YOU created.  Everything you will need will be provied: canvas, paints, brushes and even a smock. You just bring your fun loving friends and have a few cocktails to keep the spirits high and inhibitions to a minimum and they’ll make sure your inner Picasso is unleashed.

It’s all simple and completely stress free! Everyone gets a gold star! Absolutely no painting experience is needed, and all supplies are taken care of by Paint Nite!



Paint Nite 3

Interactive Painting

IMG_3068Let your guests express their “inner-artist”  by giving them an INTERACTIVE art experience, where they help create the artwork!  We bring a large art board with a pre-drawn illustration (can be a logo, slogan, or image that fits your theme) and your guests will grab a brush and fill it all in, while our artists stand by to guide them.  Our Interactive experiences bring your guests to the art and keep them involved! Your guests can also sign the art piece, creating a unique “artistic guestbook”.

Interactive Painting Interactive Painting Interactive Painting

Signature Hand Engraving

Make your next event especially memorable with Signature Hand Engraving.

For over 30 years, our artist, Tom,  has been delighting and impressing guests with his beautiful engraving on almost any hard surface: from glassware and wine bottles to military dog tags and mini wooden surfboards! His artistic skill will set apart your next event with personalized gifts for each guest.

Keepsake gifts, whether they be glasses or dog tags, will remind guests of your special occasion be it corporate trade shows, picnics, retreats or conventions.


Signature Hand Engraving Signature Hand Engraving Signature Hand Engraving Signature Hand Engraving

Graffiti Mural Artist

Graffiti-Art-Mural-2-300x126Add a bit of that “we haven’t done anything like that yet” to your next “urban or street- style” event.  One of our talented and professional corporate-ready artists can work on a graffiti mural, incorporating your group’s logo, while your event takes place.  At the end you will have a custom “graffiti” piece of art.

Technical Considerations:

Spray paints are toxic. Our artist achieves the same look as a spray painted piece of graffiti by using a non-toxic, water based air gun. Cost will include canvas and paints. A space of at least 10 foot wide by 8 feet deep  is ideal.  Our artist can provide an easel or you can provide 2 truss towers in which to affix the canvas to.


Art Tile

Tile Painting

Using oil based chalks, the artist sketches out florals and cactus indigenous to our desert, beach or the surrounding area.
The finished 4” x 4” tile may be used as decoration on the coffee table or ?

Tile Painting

T-Shirt Caricatures

T-Shirt Caricatures

A fun and wearable piece of art! An artist will create your caricature on a t-shirt with wash-resistant markers. The image can be drawn using any colors desired.

T-shirt Caricatures Artists can create around ten caricature t-shirts per hour in full color, and fifteen to twenty per hour in a single color.

Guests of all ages will enjoy Caricature T-shirts!

Soap Making Station

Soap Making Station

Soap Making StationHeat and pour method. Microwaves bulk product
then pours into a 6 pc mold of hearts and ovals.
2 woman crew includes 80 pre-mades and others being wrapped as they go.

Fragrances include: Plumeria, Lavender, Gardenia, Fresh rain, Sea Breeze, Melon and Coconut.

Product is hand wrapped in colored touleing tied with a ribbon and accented
with the latest in soap styling the “flower soap petal”, a
flower petal is hand dipped numerous times to form a small soap piece.



Soap Making Station

Rad Hatter

The Rad Hatter will provide a unique Rad Hat-Making station for your event. The Rad Hatter will provide all the materials necessary for set-up, breakdown and management of the station. Hat colors and special decorations can be specified to accommodate event themes or personal preferences. Not only is this a fun way to interact and entertain your guests but they will have a keepsake from the event as well! Great fun for all ages!

One Stroke Painting with Pam

Painting With Pam

Paint with Pam! Pam can teach the average person to paint a one stroke flower in 20 minutes. Pam uses a method called One Stroke Painting which she is certified as an independent instructor. Her program is based on a 2 hour time frame where you’ll learn to paint a palm tree on a 6X6 ceramic tile and a flower on a blank greeting card. Each student is given paint and brushes to work with that they may take with them after the event as well as their tile or greeting card that they have painted.




Kanji Chinese Calligraphy

Kanji CaligraphyUsing water, black or colored inks and brush this Japanese woman converts a guests name from English to Chinese. The 4” x 10” cover stock paper is then rolled and given to the guest. The artist dresses in an authentic kimono or as per client’s request. The artist can output approximately 20 pcs per hour.

John Alex

John AlexJohn Alex has been a very popular performing artist with Epic Entertainment since 1998. He is best known as a popular Disney-style trained caricature artist, always a hit for corporate event entertainment, but he originally started as a well-established fine artist.

As a child prodigy and began his formal training at the Dayton, Ohio Art Institute at the unusually young age of 6. John states, “drawing and painting in any form has always been easy and natural for me as long as I can remember.” His art teachers from grade school through college recognized his artistic talent, broad diversity art skills in different mediums, imagination and excellent use of color and encouraged him to pursue art as a career.

He holds a formal BA degree in fine art and graphic design at SDSU with top honors. Early in his career John became a product designer in the craft industry designing seasonal figurines. John later continued his extended art training in figure drawing and background painting for film animation by top industry artists from Disney and Warner Brothers Studios at the American Animation Institute in Hollywood. He was also picked as the few to be specially trained as a Disney-style caricature artist at Disneyland. He’s taught art for kids and adults. In subject matter he enjoys painting and drawing portraits, landscapes, seascapes and still life. John would be delighted to be available to perform for your next event.

• Quick Sketch Portrait Artist (Chalk Pastel, Charcoal and Pencil)
• Classic Disney-Style Caricature Artist (Marker, Charcoal, Pastel and Water Color)
• Caricatures on T-Shirts with Air Brush
• Digital Caricatures on Computer

Also offering iPad Caricature Portraits:

Presentation options:

1. Our artist roams around guest’s tables doing digital caricatures with iPad with company logo preset on drawing image area with digital caricature and can then be saved and wireless remotely printed out on 4×6” glossy at a different location and each print can then be inserted into optional vinyl name tags (outlet needed). Optionally, each caricature can be also be immediately e mailed to guests for digital copy.

2. More impact- Sitting on location with iPad mounted on small tripod with connected 27” vertically mounted display for guests to watch live action digital caricatures. Wireless printing, 4×6” glossy Color or Black & White lab quality digital caricature prints with preset company logo image which can be inserted into vinyl name tags. (see attached) Each digital caricature can be also be saved  and sent to each guest by e mail.

Fine Art Sample:

John Alex fine art

Indian Sand Painting

indian Sand PaintingOn a bed of sand with the opening facing to the eastern Gods different colored sun Gods and dropping sand onto sand, draws symbols within the three sided border. The traditional five sacred sand colors are used. An information display informs guest on the spirituality of Native Americans and their belief in the powers of mother nature, as well as information on geography and methodologies of the American Indians.

Native Indians use sand paintings as an offering to the spirit Gods in exchange for blessings on their crops, as well as healings from the medicine man.

Requirements: well lit 8′ x 6′ area, drop cord, heater if outside.

Indian Arrowhead Maker

Arrowhead Maker

Arrowhead MakerDating back hundreds of years this ancient method of arrowhead making is kept alive by an authentic Cahuilla Indian. Using leather hand protectors, a long pin is used to break off small pieces of flint from obsidian, or other hard stone. This unique demonstration of Indian hunting tools entertains as well as informs. Guests may choose from various pre-mades on display.