Shaken or Stirred? Giant Martini Glass Girls

Shaken or Stirred? Giant Martini Glass Girls

Whether shaken or stirred these Martini Glass beauties are sure to create a response from your guests at your next event!  Measuring over 5ft tall, the glamorous Giant Martini Glass is part living décor and installation art.  With a variety of interactive cabaret-style performers available – including Marilyn Monroe – the Martini Glass can  be […]

Mirrored Ambiance Characters


Mirrored Ambiance Characters are unique and interactive. Using their mirrored jumpsuits they will dazzle and surprise you! Pick a color and a theme and they have you covered (literally) at your next event. Providing entertainment like never seen before…in mirrored costumes! Whether you want them greeting guests or surprising them with their ambiance skills. They […]

Alice in Wonderland Characters

Alice in Wonderland is a classic story told by Lewis Carroll. A story about an innocent girl destined to experience anthropomorphic creatures. Adults and kids love these characters that have taught us to be ourselves in our clothing. Be who you are meant to be. Want to feel like yourself? Bring Alice in Wonderland Characters […]