Alice in Wonderland Characters

Alice in Wonderland is a classic story told by Lewis Carroll.
A story about an innocent girl destined to experience anthropomorphic creatures. Adults and kids love these characters that have taught us to be ourselves in our clothing. Be who you are meant to be. Want to feel like yourself? Bring Alice in Wonderland Characters to your event.

Back to the Future Dr. Emmett Brown

Dr. Emmett Brown!
If you grew up in the 1980’s era, you know the movie Back to the Future. Exploring the idea of going into the future and learning what is to come. Who wants to go to the future when you can bring back Dr. Emmett Brown!
You’ve heard of the classic 80’s themed parties, make it an even better event with Back to the Future characters.

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Mermaid Linden

Look who’s washed ashore and ready to frolic in the waters of your next event!  Our realistic Mermaid Linden garners “ewes and awes” as she gracefully traverses the waters or as she sits perched realistically on the side.  A great atmosphere enhancement or photo-op for your next event.

About Linden:

She always felt most comfortable and happy in the water. Swimming led to a passion for snorkeling, SCUBA and freediving; taking Linden around the globe to explore the seas and pools of the world, and all creatures great and small. With a BA in Film and Science from Emerson College, Linden’s knowledge both behind and in front of the camera have proven to be invaluable in her aquatic pursuits. A professional underwater model, videographer and avid diver, she hopes to reach, inspire and educate others, namely children, about ocean conservation and water safety through her unusual line of work.

















Cigarette Candy Girl

Cigarette Candy Girl is great for themed events. Putting on a show that your guests won’t ever forget. Whether it’s a carnival, circus, or show variety, Cigarette Candy Girl can give you entertainment to guests. Who doesn’t want a little eye “candy” walking around!

V’s Candy Cigarette Girls

Calling all Candy/Cigarette girls, get your candy, come one come all! Need someone to invite and entertain your guests with hospitality! Come no further than V’s Candy Cigarette girls. They will give your guests the attention and sweets they deserve.

Sweethearts of Swing

Sweethearts of Swing2The Sweethearts of Swing are a fresh, exciting trio of singers who have captured the unique style and harmonies of the Andrew Sisters from the era of the thirties and forties and brought it to the 21st Century. These three ladies genuinely have a good time on stage and that transcends to their audience. Their authentic swingin’ sound is sure to knock you right off your feet.




Thunder the Team Mascot

THUNDER! His crazy antics will get your Sports themed event “pumped up.”

The self-proclaimed California League mascot of the year, 8 seasons running. A very special dog, he is one of only a few members of the Canis thunderus family. He is known for his ability to stand upright, walk on the tops of chairs, dance, drive quads, and act like a fool. He has a beautiful coat of green fur and wears one of the world’s largest pair of shoes. As anyone can see he loves his food, just look at his belly.

Thunder has been entertaining Lake Elsinore Storm fans since opening day, 2001. You can find the lovable canine at all Storm home games in the stands and on the field sharing his antics with fans and players alike. When he’s not at the Diamond you can find Thunder all around the Inland Empire spreading the Storm spirit as he makes over 300 community appearances every year.

One of his greatest achievements is spreading the word about going green to the youth of the Inland Empire. With his new book “Go Thunder Green” and the Storm Reading for Rewards assembly, he has been able to share the importance of living a green lifestyle to over 35,000 children in 13 cities and over 50 elementary schools this year.

Get the spirit and book Thunder today!

Also available: GC Gorilla

There once was a family of gorillas that lived deep in the jungles of the Costa Rican Nicoya Peninsula. This family of gorillas was rich in the tradition of the game of baseball.

Every year the gorillas and the locals would hold a friendly game of baseball. However, on one tragic evening, during a jungle game between the locals and the gorillas, one of the gorillas struck out and went crazy on the local men’s team, as well as the Umpire. As a penalty for this particular gorilla’s behavior, he was sold to a traveling circus. When the circus came to perform at The Diamond in Lake Elsinore, the gorilla escaped from his cage and chose to hide in Thunder’s dog house. Thunder and the gorilla became immediate friends because of the gorilla’s enthusiasm toward baseball. From that day on, Thunder and the gorilla were inseparable.

Short on funds for bananas, the gorilla got a job on the Storm Grounds Crew. On the Gorilla’s first drag, he started to dance and act silly. The crowd’s unanimous reaction of joy towards the gorilla’s crazy dance moves helped him launch his career into entertainment, and has since been dubbed the “Grounds Crew Gorilla”.

You can see the Grounds Crew Gorilla and all of his antics during Storm home games throughout the season.