Marta Z

Marta Z is enjoying her DJ Electric Violin performing and studio recording careers as one of South California’s leading and much sought-after violinists. In addition to her experience as a classical musician with Doctorate Degree in Violin Performance, she has crossed over to the non-classical scene, playing her electric violins and recording in genres leaping from Flamenco to Jazz, Folk, Indie, Pop, Rock, EDM and House Top40’s. Continue reading

Cirque Berzerk

Cirque Berzerk

Cirque Berzerk is a  unique flavor of adult psychedelic vaudevillian tomfoolery.  From stilt walkers to aerialists to punk rock clowns to pro riggers, we work together as a cohesive unit to produce visions of sexy firey burlesque, dramatic flight and vaudevillian tomfoolery.

Cirque Berzerk makes the fantasy come to life. From individual acts & roaming characters to theme specific stage shows we dance on the high wire of sensual wonderment.

They are a tight knit crew who finds immense joy in putting on a mind-blowing show; and according to audiences and clients the energy & joy is infectious.

Fire Dancers

Their skill unparalleled and their show is (literally) on fire; this troupe of professional acrobatic fire performers perform skills include fire-eating, transfers, juggling, poi spinning, fire fans, fire staff, fire hoop, and fire Cyr Wheel (the only troupe in California with this apparatus as a fire feature) as ground performers or on stilts!  If fire is a concern, act can also perform using glow devices.  Your audience will surely be left in awe after watching this amazing act.

Fire Dancers Fire Dancers Fire Dancers Fire Dancers Fire DancersFire DancersFire Dancers




Cirque Sphere

Athletic and graceful. These unique, eye-catching acrobats perform balancing and yoga-style ballet poses inside a clear plastic sphere. Performances can take place on water or land. Spheres can also include company logo.

Cirque Sphere Cirque Sphere Cirque Sphere Cirque Sphere Cirque Sphere Cirque Sphere

Dreamworld Cirque

Dreamworld Cirque

Dreamworld Cirque can provide atmosphere entertainment in solo acts of contortion, aerial silks, aerial hoop or cerceau, hammock, trapeze, and acrobatics as well as duo and trio acts of contortion, silks, hoop, trapeze, adagio, and also feature stilt and fire dancing, including fans, hoop, poi, and fingers. Dreamworld Cirque is a collective of circus performers created by Jena Carpenter. Jena Carpenter is an aerialist, contortionist, fire dancer, and acrobat herself.



Dreamworld Cirque

Jena has been creating and performing artistic circus acts for shows and events for the last six years. Jena and her sister Elisabeth were original cast members of Eye of Newt Circus, featured in the acclaimed show ‘Figments’ where they worked with artists from Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Eloize, Diavolo Dance Company, and the Pickle Family Circus to create acts, and a unique theatrical circus production. Elisabeth and Jena continue to create and perform duo acts in the air and on the ground together in Dreamworld Cirque.

Dreamworld Cirque 06 Dreamworld Cirque 03 Dreamworld Cirque 04

Jena’s education and training includes a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Oberlin College, intensive study at the San Francisco Circus Center, and private coaching from various circus professionals with origins as diverse as the Moscow Circus School, Mongolia, rhythmic gymnastics, and L’ecole Nationale du Cirque in Montreal. Jena founded the Crossroads Circus Center and began teaching circus arts classes in 2003. She founded Dreamworld Cirque in 2006.

Dreamworld has provided acts perfect for corporate events, Gala openings, conventions, fashion shows, and private parties as well as half-hour to hour-long shows, or ambient strolling entertainment. Dreamworld can do the same for your event!

Dreamworld Cirque 05


Cirque Contortionists


This troupe of entertainers provide a theatrical “Cirque” style performance. This is the most professional group you will ever have the privilege of seeing. They are very detailed in every aspect to make sure they meet the needs of each individual client. The utmost attention is paid to every detail, from their costuming to the choreography. All music is hand selected for each performance and can be customized for your event.




Chinese Pole Act

Chinese Poles

A series of 3 vertical poles serve as the playground for these cirque style acrobats. Using brute strength and flexibility, these acrobats bounce from pole to pole and interact with each other to create unusual visual displays.