LED Lit Greeters and Dancers


Create a WOW factor with cutting-edge L.E.D. technology and award-winning costuming.
Inspire and entertain your audience with unique
“LED Electric Dress Greeters and Characters”.

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Signature Hand Engraving

Make your next event especially memorable with Signature Hand Engraving.

For over 30 years, our artist, Tom,  has been delighting and impressing guests with his beautiful engraving on almost any hard surface: from glassware and wine bottles to military dog tags and mini wooden surfboards! His artistic skill will set apart your next event with personalized gifts for each guest.

Keepsake gifts, whether they be glasses or dog tags, will remind guests of your special occasion be it corporate trade shows, picnics, retreats or conventions.


Signature Hand Engraving Signature Hand Engraving Signature Hand Engraving Signature Hand Engraving

Stoil and Ekaterina Quick Change Act

International Magic Stars, Stoil and Ekaterina use magic, comedy and costume changes to keep the energy level high in their professional touring show. From the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA to the casinos of Las Vegas to South Korea and many theaters in between, audiences have enjoyed the magical presentation of this Bulgarian couple. Stoil became interested in magic as young child in Sofia, Bulgaria, learning his craft from hard to find underground magic books and TV specials. At age 20, his act was polished enough to win several national and international awards. Ekaterina grew in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and was a professional ballerina with the Bulgarian State Opera Production Company, as well as other ballet companies throughout Europe.




Shaken or Stirred? Giant Martini Glass Girls

Whether shaken or stirred these Martini Glass beauties are sure to create a response from your guests at your next event!  Measuring over 5ft tall, the glamorous Giant Martini Glass is part living décor and installation art.  With a variety of interactive cabaret-style performers available – including Marilyn Monroe – the Martini Glass can  be used as an entrance way, bar centerpiece or as a focal point for your room design. Featuring a 100% waterproof acrylic bowl, the piece can also be filled full of ice as a Martini chiller.

Shaken or Stirred? Giant Martini Glass Girls Shaken or Stirred? Giant Martini Glass Girls Shaken or Stirred? Giant Martini Glass Girls


BMX Riders and Shows

UntitledIn need some some street performance but don’t want to get your hands dirty? How about having a BMX rider show with tricks, flips, on wheels!

The ASA Demo Team action sports shows include six top professional skateboarders and BMX riders performing mind-boggling aerial stunts on a half-pipe vertical ramp for up to five hours each day.  In between the actual performances, the athletes are made available for consultations, autographs, interviews with media, Q & A, and limited instruction with local consumers.  ASA executes the program in an entirely turnkey fashion and uses only top-name pros, recognizable emcees and state-of the art ramps.

Mirrored Ambiance Characters


Mirrored Ambiance Characters are unique and interactive. Using their mirrored jumpsuits they will dazzle and surprise you!

Pick a color and a theme and they have you covered (literally) at your next event. Providing entertainment like never seen before…in mirrored costumes!

Whether you want them greeting guests or surprising them with their ambiance skills. They will not disappoint.


Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.34.15 PM






Jeff Marcus Magician

Jeff Marcus

Jeff Marcus has performed both Stage & Close-Up magic shows for over 40 years, he also teaches magic both privately & has had classes at different schools & Colleges.  He’s a member of: The Academy of Magical Arts- The Magic Castle, The Society of American Magicians, & The International Brotherhood of Magicians; where he won the 2007 International Strolling [Magic] Olympics!.(held in Reno, NV)  He was voted “Close-Up Magician of the year”, “Stand-Up (stage) Magician of the Year” and “Member of the year” at the San Diego  chapter, for the second time.  Jeff is also one of the winners of  The Las Vegas [Magic] Close-Up Classic competition. He has gotten rave revues around the world either doing “Strolling (Close-Up) Magic”,  his  Comedy Night Club Act, or his hilarious Hypnosis show**, where the audience becomes the stars at many places including: The San Diego Zoo,   Sea World,  Copley Symphony Hall,  The Comedy Store,  Checkers-Comedy Night,   San Diego Convention Center,  and many more.

Jeff Marcus

Fire Dancers

Their skill unparalleled and their show is (literally) on fire; this troupe of professional acrobatic fire performers perform skills include fire-eating, transfers, juggling, poi spinning, fire fans, fire staff, fire hoop, and fire Cyr Wheel (the only troupe in California with this apparatus as a fire feature) as ground performers or on stilts!  If fire is a concern, act can also perform using glow devices.  Your audience will surely be left in awe after watching this amazing act.

Fire Dancers Fire Dancers Fire Dancers Fire Dancers Fire DancersFire DancersFire Dancers




Blue Monkey Sideshow

The Blue Monkey Sideshow – Entertainment to the next level!



Acts Performed Include: Bed of Nails – Juggling – Weird Weightlifting – Human Blockhead – Sword Swallowing – Whip Artistry – Contortion – Glass Walking – And More !!!



Main Talker, The Juggler, El Gaucho, The Master Manipulator


Talker Extraordinaire, a manipulator of words, the captain of raconteur, Krembo K has been juggling internationally for over 25 years.  Krembo has juggled everything ranging from razor-sharp balls to relatively dull knives.  El Gaucho, Krembo’s alter ego, makes the ladies swoon as he weaves a tale involving La Pasta de Muerte.  Krembo K has graced stages from Egypt to Denmark and Alaska to New York. He is an original founding member of the Blue Monkey Sideshow.  Krembo’s vision has brought the curious world of sideshow to new audiences all over the world.


 Zja ‘Dega

 The Human Blockhead, Rubberman, and the Human Pincushion

As an infant, Zja ‘Dega was abandoned on Krembo K’s doorstep.  Krembo did his best to make this small, strange child happy, but his efforts seemed to be in vain.  Until one day, when Krembo had all but given up hope, he heard a gleeful shriek and found Zja ‘Dega with a stick pressed deep inside his nose.  As Zja grew into a man the sticks turned into metal objects.  Today, Zja ‘Dega travels with the Blue Monkey Sideshow, kept in a cage, let out only to share his perverse hobbies with an astonished audience.






Freakshow Foley

The World’s Strangest Strongman and Sword Swallower

Most prodigies are born, however Freakshow Foley is a breed of a different sort, a self-made prodigy.  Always restless as a child, Freakshow was never content with what nature gave him, so he took to body modification.  His earliest modification was to the tongue, at the ripe old age of 4. Performing since he was a child,  he has traveled across the U.S.  Freakshow has toured with Ward Hall’s World of Wonders, The World Famous Wall of Death and The Pretty Things Peepshow. Freakshow is the newest member to join the Blue Monkey Sideshow.



Swami B’Mon

The Blub of Enlightment, Glass Walker, Master of the Shrinkwrap

Known as the Mystic of the East, the Swami spent several years of his life in the foothills of Nepal.  To achieve enlightenment, this ​awe-inspiring man spent 16 hours everyday meditating.  His ability to lighten upon command comes from hours of contemplation and training.  After many years of study the Swami B’mon has come to know every blood vessel in the body, allowing him to perform treacherous feats without injury.  Swami has performed with the Monkeys for many years, and as a veteran performer has helped shape the mood and style of the show.



Retro Photo Booth


Retro Photo Booth

•  All the fun of a traditional photo booth in a sleek and modern design.

•  Metal construction and digital technology.

•  Foto Fun Strips can be customized with a graphic design or logo.

•  Prints two strips to “Tear and Share”

•  Fast printing – under 10 seconds!

•  Photo CD available to commemorate the event.

• Optional video recording ability to share on FaceBook , YouTube and Flickr


Voltar the Fortune Teller

Surely you remember passing by him on the Boardwalk or at an Amusement Park?  His eyes always seemed to follow you as you tried to to skirt by; however, the mystery of what he might divulge was too much and so he would draw you in.  Yes, Voltar, the Fortune Teller is back, but not as a mechanical being, this time he is actually a live, interactive actor dispensing novelty fortunes for your guests to enjoy at your next event.

Contact us for more information.









This fantastic duo is always a hit for any kind of event.  Their act is high energy, corporate friendly and has been a smash hit for many Fortune 500 companies.  Long time veterans of Dueling Piano clubs worldwide, Scott and Tom know how to work a crowd and create a memorable event for all!

Contact us for more information.


Mermaid Linden

Look who’s washed ashore and ready to frolic in the waters of your next event!  Our realistic Mermaid Linden garners “ewes and awes” as she gracefully traverses the waters or as she sits perched realistically on the side.  A great atmosphere enhancement or photo-op for your next event.

About Linden:

She always felt most comfortable and happy in the water. Swimming led to a passion for snorkeling, SCUBA and freediving; taking Linden around the globe to explore the seas and pools of the world, and all creatures great and small. With a BA in Film and Science from Emerson College, Linden’s knowledge both behind and in front of the camera have proven to be invaluable in her aquatic pursuits. A professional underwater model, videographer and avid diver, she hopes to reach, inspire and educate others, namely children, about ocean conservation and water safety through her unusual line of work.

















Bollywood Dance Troupe

B o l l y w o o d !Known as Mumbai Film Industry, Bollywood is located in the heart of India-Bombay. It is the largest film industry in the world, producing almost double the number of movies and selling a billion more tickets each year than Hollywood.

Along with its’ glamorous touch, Bollywood films are mostly known for their elaborate musical dance numbers. Producing more than 2500 songs per year, they have also been influential in Hollywood movies such as MOULIN ROUGE, CHICAGO and VANITY FAIR. The Bollywood dance style incorporates the fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz, Salsa, East Indian Classical, Folk, and Bhangra dancing.

For the first time in Los Angeles are, the true essence of Bollywood Dancing is brought to the United States, by YOGEN. He is the ONLY choreographer in the nation, who has worked in Bollywood. This dance troupe is dedicated to the art of Bollywood Dancing.

Launched in 2005, and in a short period of time has generated a reputable image in creating a vibe for the Bollywood Style of Dance.



Hats of Fun!

Our highly interactive Hat Maker will provide a unique  Hat-Making station for your event.  All the necessary materials  for set-up, breakdown and management of the station is provided.  Hat colors and special decorations can be specified to accommodate event themes or personal preferences.   Not only is this a fun way to interact and entertain your guests but they will have a keepsake from the event as well! Great fun for all ages!



Tarot Card Reader

Since the late 18th century Tarot Cards have been used as a map of mental and spiritual pathways.  Each card symbolizes a different energy or spiritual meaning and its relevance depends on the position in the spread. Tarot card readings can be an especially powerful tool in providing insights into love and relationships. You can also learn about your hidden strengths and how to manifest your highest potential. Learn about the people who show up in your life, and what roles they will play in your future.

Henna Artist

Henna, also known as mehndi, is the ancient art of bodypainting with paste made from powdered leaves from the henna plant.

The use of henna for decorative body art was first documented in ancient Sumerian texts, but since the plant is native to the a wide geographic area throughout the Middle East and India it is likely that people used it without writing about it.  Traditions, recipes and patterns all spread along the trade routes across India, the Middle East, North Africa and into Moorish Spain (until the Spanish Inquisition!)

Traditionally, the hands and feet are painted before important celebrations (like weddings), and the painting process is a festive occasion as well. Usually a women’s art, some cultures also henna the hands of men on the eve of their weddings.

Patterns vary from culture to culture…in India, hands and feet are covered in intricate, lacy designs. In North Africa, more geometric patterns are preferred. In Pakistan, the initials of the bride and groom are hidden in the mehndi on the bride’s palms; it is said that if the groom cannot find the initials, the wife will be the family boss.

Henna has been used to decorate the skin and hair for nearly 5,000 years — and has been found on the hands and feet of Egyptian mummies!

100% all natural ingredients. No harmful chemical dyes! Lasts one to two weeks. Wears off naturally.

Sky Watchers

Sky Watchers evening programs are literally out-of-this-world and can be set up at any location with a clear view of the night sky.

An evening spent with Sky Watcher is pure magic, as participants explore the fantastic legends and romantic heroes that surround the heavenly bodies with which we share this universe.

Listen to your star guide navigate the solar system and weave fantastic tales about the constellations above as you peer through the Meade 8” Schmidt-Cassegrain computerized telescope or sky binoculars provided for you.

Bask in the soft light of the night sky, allowing your imagination to transport you to faraway worlds of gods and monsters while munching on complementary Mars, Milky Way and Starburst candy.

Pause for a moment and ask those questions about the universe which are nagging at the back of your mind as you refer to the personalized constellation sheet provided to you as part of the tour…

The Crew

CHRIS RUBIO is the leader and was formerly on tour with the Broadway show, “Stomp.” Chris played the leading role as Sergeant on tour. Studio Director and Choreographer of “Crew” and “Jr. Crew” Living a Drug Free Life, Street Scene and Sea World’s Stompin’ Gravediggers and Jammin’ Janitors, Legoland’s Drumming Mummies and Elves. He was also Winner of Ed McMahon’s, “Next Big Star Competition.” Choreographer of numerous CYT shows and beauty pageants. Dance styles: Tap, percussion movement, hip-hop, musical theatre and swing.

Crew and Jr. Crew features a unique combination of rhythm and movement and utilizes everyday objects to make percussive sounds.  The group is popular all over the U.S.   They promote a healthy, drug-free lifestyle while teaching kids to develop their own talents and hobbies as a way to stay positive and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Chris’ studio also has a dance and movement class for special needs children/adults.   In this class the instructor guides the students on a creative journey through dance movement and percussion. The class enables a dancer with special needs to learn and work at their own pace while enjoying and appreciating dance and performing choreography.

You can tell by Chris’ programs that he is passionate about dance and percussion and feels an unwavering commitment to share that joy with not only adults but children of all needs while being a positive role model for all.  His message easily translates over into a corporate environment and his Crew show is very well received by corporate audiences.  Interactive, entertaining, motivational and definitely exciting!

Crew and Jr. Crew are an ideal after dinner entertainment event and perfect for a General Session opener.



MC Callaghan Ballroom Dancing

MC CALLAGHAN – Dance Instructor and Dance Provider

Born in Canada and a recent resident to La Quinta, M.C. has been dancing since she can remember. She has trained and taught with Arthur Murray Dance School in Montreal and since moving to California in ’85 has continued to compete and perform in everything from Ballroom,  Country and Western , West Coast Swing to Tap and Clogging!
“Dancing is uplifting, says M.C.  It is good for the mind ,body and soul. It keeps your mind sharp, your body in shape and your spirit lifted.”  She currently teaches weekly in Malibu , all over the desert ( Palm Springs area)  and also for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.
M.C. considers herself to be a ” 2 Left Feet Specialist!” specializing in teaching solid basics to Beginners  in a fun and easy way. She teaches Privates, group and Party Event lessons.

Roaming Tables