Stiltwalkers of every type for any occasion!

Murder Mystery – A Party You'll Die For

Murder Mystery

The show begins with a “Get Acquainted Before You Die Party” where the actors pose as guest.

From the moment you meet the Mistress of Murder the plot begins to thicken. Each guest will be given one half of a clue card. They will search for the person with the other half of their clue, find a match and the mystery is a foot.

We will set up the guests of your choice as suspects. They are framed and become part of the show.

We will personalize your party when given funny inside information about your guests or company to make your event one-of-a-kind.

In between the courses of dinner the plot twists leaving everyone more suspicious than ever. A musician provides the live soundtrack as Detective Riley encourages everyone to piece together all the clues to solve the mystery. Some of your guests are suspects. They are framed and become a part of the show. Detective Riley helps your guests piece together the clues, solve the mystery, and win a prize!

Murder MysteryOver dessert you’ll have the opportunity to solve the mystery – and those who do will win a prize. For those who don’t our deadly cast will take their places and perform a humorous summation which exposes the suspects and is sure to leave everyone “Dying with laughter”.

A perfect mixer for all social occasions. What a great way to get the party going!

All guests are invited to lie about their true identity. It seems like any other dinner party…until “POW”, “WHAM”, “CRASH”, your dinner companion falls over dead! Have you prepared your alibi? Will you be rich and famous or mysterious and aloof?

Your party can be personalized when given information about your guests to make your event one-of-a-kind!

Murder Mystery

Etch-A-Sketch Artist


Christoph Brown (C.B.) has been using his creative energies since he was very young. Working as a professional commercial artist at age 16, Christoph has been an art director for television and film; writer and illustrator of comic books and newspaper strips, professional singer and actor. He never expected his abilities would snowball into an exciting career with America’s nostalgic toy, The Etch A Sketch® Magic Screen. A few years ago when someone left an Etch A Sketch® behind in an LA coffee shop, he learned he could etch about anything with the little toy and fast too!

In 2003, C.B. launched his company; and has gone on to Etch A Sketch® OSCAR PARTIES and celebrity Christmas cards. He is featured on talk shows and in newspapers, and his company is leading the way in etch a sketch art innovation. Most recently C.B. has been seen on MODERN MARVELS:”60’s tech” on the History Channel, ABC NEWS’ GOOD MORNING CHICAGO, and FOX NEWS.

Through a messy, intricate process of drilling and draining the actual mechanism, Christoph can preserve the Etch A Sketch drawing in the toy itself. It hangs as self-contained piece of artwork in it’s built in red frame. Designed for the avid art collector who wants a highly detailed, preserved piece of artwork from the Etch A Sketch Man’s master collection; or for a portrait subject wishing to keep forever the etched moment created for them.

Watch Christopher Here:


Futuristic Fabric Morpher

Fabric Morphers 1

As guests arrive an abstract form greets them. It captivates guests as it forms itself into unusual shapes with comical interaction. Company logo may also be airbrushed onto tube at nominal cost. Company name may be imaged through cloth via cut logo pressured from inside. They may also be the perfect cover for the undercover paparazzi to take the photos for the instant buttons.

Fabric Morphers 2

Set Up Time: 15 min.

Requirements: 5 X 5 ft. Space

Living Statues


Deeply rooted in European street theater these sophisticated freeze statues are painted to look like a real statue or character. A live person replicates poses of orators and characters from bygone eras. Very unique and spellbinding!

Fear No Ice

Fear No Ice

Fear No Ice is the first and only performing ice sculpting company. They are a family of the world’s finest sculptors and creation teams. They are eager to create a range of creative ice sculptures from big production, elaborate, multi-sensory style performances to small, clean, quiet shows that result in a functional sculpture that can be enjoyed throughout an entire event.

Fear No Ice is ideal for not only company logo displays, but for capturing an entire theme of an event. Their services have been used from product launches, unveiling of new company logos or even sponsor recognition. Their performances are lively, interactive shows of varying length and can be either powerful or passionately choreographed.

Fear No Ice

Their displays can be functional as well. Ice bars with giant dispensing margarita or martini glasses, lighted banquet tables or even iced mugs. They’re the perfect fit any Fire and Ice event! If you can imagine it … they can make it!

Fear No Ice



Fear No Ice is the world’s first and only performance ice sculpting company, created by Scott Rella, Kevin Roscoe and Peter Slavin. Since 1989, these champion ice sculptors have been competing and sculpting together all over the world. They have represented the U.S.A. as Olympic ice sculptors in the last three winter Olympics, Lillehammer Norway, Nagano Japan and Salt Lake City. Together they have competed in over a dozen world championships.

Fear No Ice has been asked to appear on many television programs including: “Regis and Kathy Lee”, “Sunday Morning” with Charles Kuralt, “Ordinary/Extraordinary”, Ripley’s believe it or not, David Letterman and many more.

Fear No Ice has also participated in advertising work for many well-known companies including: Disney,Coca-Cola, Absolut, Grey goose and Carlsberg beer, Coors, and many more.

Fear No Ice teaches and collaborates with ice sculptors around the world, creating new technologies and ways of carving in an effort to perfect our craft and push its limits. Through the growth of Fear No Ice, a family of the world’s finest sculptors has formed, creating teams nationally and internationally, sculpting ice around the world. Fear No Ice’s body of work together is unsurpassed.


Talking Buffet Heads


Melon Head

On a platter as a centerpiece on your buffet this head sized melon is ripe and wonderful and somewhat ignored….until it begins to speak to you.


Sunflower Head

As your guests arrive or crowd around the buffet this talking flower keeps up a steady stream of sunny, cheery chatter with them


Cheese Head

Picture this, you arrive at the party and walk to the food station. Suddenly you realize….The Great Ball of Cheese is talking to you from the hors d’ oevre table..and worst of all..he won’t shut-up!!!


Garlic Head

Need something new for your table or food display? How about a talking garlic!!!



Golf Head


Buffet Lady

A walking buffet!

Three Waiters


The Three Waiters involves three talented performers hoaxing and infiltrating your event as ‘real’ waiting staff. The Three Waiters is not a “wacky waiters” show, but in fact quite the opposite. The show provides sophisticated, high quality entertainment made up of some of the best performers that opera and music theatre have to offer.

Subtly, the performers infiltrate the function. They work as waiters and are dressed the same as the other waiters. The audience is given no clue of what is to come. Over a period of time, to the surprise of the guests, an unexpected story unfolds taking the audience through a very amusing, sophisticated show a la “The Three Tenors.”

The structure and content of The Three Waiters suits a wide spectrum of audience taste by taking away the seriousness often associated with opera and adding an element of fun, spontaneity and surprise. With repertoire consisting of arias made famous by ‘The Three Tenors’ along with well-known songs from popular musicals, The Three Waiters has proven equally successful to audiences of football players, auto-mechanics through to the most discerning opera buffs, high-end corporate executives and Heads of State.

Be it a dinner party of twelve guests or a ballroom of two-thousand, the structure of the show along with the vast repertoire and experience of each of the performers allows the act to be easily customized to suit your particular requirements.



Sideswipe Performance Team is a martial arts-based group that blends traditional martial arts such as Karate and Tae Kwon Do, with gymnastics and acrobatics, to create an extreme, high-flying display of talent, strength and stamina unlike anything else.

Based in Los Angeles, Sideswipe has been entertaining audiences across the country over the last three years, performing on television, stage, at sporting events, live action shows and karate tournaments. Noteworthy television appearances include “The Steve Harvey Show,” ESPN2’s “Cold Pizza,” “The Wayne Brady Show,” and the Jerry Lewis Labor Day 2004 MDA Telethon. Sideswipe has also performed during half time at the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and Dallas Mavericks games, and created live action shows for Casio Electronics, Diesel Clothing, Intel, Nike, the 10th Annual American Choreography Awards, and for Des Arts Martiaux in Bercy, France, among others.

Click Here to Watch Sideswipe


Shan the Candy Man

Shan The Candy Man

Meet Shan the Candy Man, a unique and talented candy artist. The Japanese name Amezaiku translates, “sweet candy craft”. Shan can sculpt any object his audience can think of.

While he has sculpted well over 100 different objects, he says there is no limit to what he can sculpt. A unique and appealing candy sculpture can be magically made in less than 5 minutes as you watch. It is fascinating to people of all ages.The Japanese name Amezaiku translates, “sweet candy craft”. Shan can sculpt any object his audience can think of. While he has sculpted well over 100 different objects, he says there is no limit to what he can sculpt. A unique and appealing candy sculpture can be magically made in less than 5 minutes as you watch. It is fascinating to people of all ages.

Candy Sculpture

Candy Sculpture

Candy Sculpture Candy Sculpture Candy Sculpture Candy Sculpture


Flaming Hoops

Flaming Hoops

Enchant and thrill your audience with unique performance art! Flaming Hoops’ spellbinding hoop and fire dancing will help you create an evening no one forgets.

Solo and Ensemble performances for:
* Special Events
* Corporate Meetings
* Promotions
* Birthdays
* Private Parties
* Weddings
* Resorts
* Festivals
* Mitzvahs
* Clubs
* Music Venues

A masterful hoopdancer and performer, Sara dances the rhythmical rotation of the hoop revealing a exhilarating, brilliant visual feast! Performances with sparkling, led lit, and fire hoops.

Fire Performance
Get their attention with the raw, elemental power of fire! Captivate, hypnotize and inspire your guests with the mesmerizing fire dance performances! Without exception, Flaming Hoops’ evocative fire performances dazzle and delight.

Performances range from three to 20 minutes, and include one to several fire dancers. Please call us to discuss your venue and goals. We’ll customize a unique performance for your event.


The Living Garden

The Living Garden is a unique entertainment experience, where natures come to life with an extraordinary combination of movement, music and live interaction. Each element of The Living Garden weaves an enchanting tapestry in a stunning display of visual images and illusions. The Living Garden invites you into this magical world where life does not imitate art, but art comes to life.

DiVine – A woman/dancer on 4 stilts with grapevine costume.
Entwined around a tree or sprawled along a wall, DiVine is at first incognito. Reaching a height from9’ to 16’ tall, the living vine slowly animates, moving in and out of stunning tableaus. She gracefully leaps her way to the next location leaving her audience fascinated as once more she melds into her surroundings.

Rock – Performer in rock costume with mechanical rock set piece.
Experience the intrigue of the Rockman as he slowly emerges from his ingenious dwelling. The Rickman metamorphoses between rock and man as he camouflages completely with his habitat. Audiences are enchanted by his warmth and power making for a truly fascinating performance.

Fountain -A woman/dancer with statue costume with hands and headwater effects, fountain basin and dais with re-circulating pumps and attachments. Tech included for setup/teardown.

A statue of a beautiful woman transforms herself with magical elegance in to a living fountain. Delicate jets of water appear from her fingertips as a shimmering halo cascades from the crown of her head in this beautifully choreographed display. Indoors or outdoors The Fountain makes for a truly enchanting experience.

Light Beings

An Enlightening idea:








Fred Saxon

Fred Saxon Emmy

Fred Saxon is an award-winning television personality, speaker, reporter, and media trainer. He has also been a performer, actor, announcer, standup comic, and talk-show host. In each of these roles Fred has connected with audiences large and small in a personal and dynamic way.

Regis Philbin once dubbed two-time EMMY winner Fred Saxon the ‘Prince of Hollywood’– and for good reason–Fred’s Hollywood career as a producer, host, and entertainment reporter began at CNN’s beginning. For over 25 years he’s interviewed the biggest stars of movies and television.

Throughout his broadcast career Fred has archived a video collection of his more than 500 interviews with the stars. Along with those interviews, he’s accumulated hundreds of entertaining and revealing stories about his experiences with Hollywood celebrities–some of most famous people in the world.

Who are your favorite Hollywood stars? Chances are, Fred can tell you what they’re really like, reveal a surprise or two, and share what he has learned from the many different interview situations he’s been in.

Fred will add ‘Star Power’ to your next event–like no one else can–with video clips of his time with Hollywood’s fascinating and famous. In addition, he can involve the audience in an interactive celebrity quiz and trivia contest, along with an informative Q & A session.

Fred’s light-hearted brand of humor, experience, and expertise in putting people at ease (and himself on the spot) will make for a fun and entertaining time!

Fred Saxon Arnold

Fred Saxon Jolie

Fred Saxon Gooding

Fred Saxon Ford

Fred Saxon Cruise

Fred Saxon Zeta-Jones

Phantom of the Forest

Phantom of the ForestThe Phantom of the Forest is hardly ever seen, and so meeting this phantom will be a most memorable moment. The species is considered to be very rare, and it’s reclusive manner, and Lifestyle in the old growth forests of the world keep it largely hidden from view.

A fourteenth Century Poem (translated) says:

“Men gaped at the hue of him
Ingrained in garb and mien
A fellow fiercely grim
And all a glittering green.”

“And garments of green girt the fellow about-
And verlly his vesture was all vivid green,
So were the bars on his belt and the brilliants set
In ravishing array on the rich accoutermnets
About himself and his saddle on silken work.
…Yes, garbed all in green was the gallant rider,
And the hair of his head was the same hue as his horse….”

The mystery of it is one of the fascinations confronting each person in that moment. Nature is bigger than you think. Nature’s more mysterious. The nature of a tree is to be rooted. Seeing it otherwise is a big shift of reality. What’s perceived of as reality is then shifted around. Trees normally are stuck in one-place. It fits our mode of what reality is. For a tree to be uprooted and walking is a little unusual at first.



Guests will enjoy seeking their name hidden within the landscape.

Output:  60 Namescapes per hour

“Scapes” can be themed to your event.  Company logo can also be added to the paper.  It makes an ideal keepsake!