Andy D as Dean Martin

Although Dean Martin Impersonator Andy DiMino’s background may be more in music and singing than celebrity impersonations, DiMino is a natural when it comes to bringing ol’ Dino back to life.

With career experience as a musician, songwriter, recording artist, actor and stage performer, Andy has focused his attention on the music and comedy style of Dean Martin. Recently returning from a triumphant six week showroom engagement at the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City, the reviews have echoed the same positive response he received in San Francisco, Detroit, Boston and Berlin, Germany… “Andy DiMino as a brilliantly conceived, uncanny total embodiment of Martin”…

With his love for music and comedy of the Rat Pack generation, his close physical resemblance to Dean Martin and an Italian background (DiMino’s father and all four grandparents were from Sicily), it looks like Andy DiMino has truly found his calling.

Steph as Marilyn

Stephanie first discovered her love for Marilyn at the age of 14 when she landed the role of Audrey in “Little Shop of Horrors”. When the costumer put her in the iconic Marilyn white dress, many people noted her resemblance to the blonde bombshell.
After multiple cabarets and performances throughout college and Vegas as Marilyn, it became apparent that Stephanie had something special with portraying Ms. Monroe.

Stephanie enjoys keeping Marilyn positive, light and flirty. She remains in character throughout the entirety of the event and knows Marilyn’s life backward and forward. It is important to Stephanie to continue learning more and integrating that knowledge into her performances.
Stephanie currently works at Universal Studios and is one of two performers in the world to have the blessing from Joshua Greene, who personally knew Marilyn.

Madonna (Holly)


Holly as Madonna. Who doesn’t love a great look-a-like at their event.

Donald Trump (Marcel)

DonaldTrumpLAL5In need of some laughs and good entertainment? How about having a Donald Trump look-a-like at your next event! Make sure to create a splash with your guests.


Madonna is an international idol. The queen of pop as she has been called has led her to become successful as a woman in the music industry.

Get your very own Madonna look-a-like at your next event or party.


J Lo Look Alike

Jennifer Lopez! Jennifer has been heating up the Latina world in the United States sine 1999. Playing the Selena movie role really helped get her into the international scene and to become one of the most successful Latina women in the music industry. Known for her curvy looks and fashion styles, she would be an exciting addition to any event. Get this Jennifer Lopez look-a-like at an event near you!

Oprah Look-A-Like

Oprah Winfrey is an American media mogul. Famous for her talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show she has pursued an iconic career in philanthropy and becoming a producer.
Everyone in America has heard the name Oprah Winfrey. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have a look-a-like at your next event?


Adam Levine Look-A-Like

Did somebody say Adam Levine? One of the top male hunks of the pop industry. He definitely hits all the right notes!


CherLissaNegrin3Lisa is an Award Winning Cher impersonator is a Cher look-a-like and more! She performs in impersonator shows, tribute concerts, and for mix and mingles nationally and world-wide. Cher is one of the best sound and look-a-likes in the business. She has been seen as Cher on television, in movies, and throughout the world. She is available for corporate events, meet and greets, special events, Hollywood star impersonation shows, and private parties


Tom Cruise Look Alike

TomCruisLALJeromeLeBlanc1A Tom Cruise Look-A-Like, no way! Yes way! How about living the high life and having a Tom Cruise Look-A-Like at your next event.

JL as Tom Cruise