Russ as Ron Burgandy

Ron Burgundy” star of the Anchorman movies, is hysterically  impersonated by veteran comedian Russ Stolnack a.k.a. Russ T Nailz. Russ is a humorous speaker, performs in Las Vegas showrooms, T.V. news, talk radio and corporate events.  Russ has six Emmys and brings endless experience and infinite real world training to entertain audiences with his original comedy and hilarious ad libs all in character as Ron Burgundy. Russ makes it easy for you to laugh and keep smiling long after the show ends because he stays classy!

Whoopi Goldberg LAL (sv)

Joe as Bono

BONO a.k.a. Paul Hewson is known all over the world for not only his music, but his classic blue tint sunglasses.
An Irish singer-songwriter has created an international presence in opening awareness through philanthropy.
Want an international sensation at your next event? Look no further, BONO is here!










Lisa as Katy Perry

Lisa as Katy Perry Lisa as Katy Perry








Katy Perry! One of the up and coming Pop music artist in America. Know for her debut single “I Kissed A Girl” her career has launched into international music sensation. From the girl next door to looking like candy, she has the imagination covered. Create a new limelight at your next event with Katy Perry!

R as Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp has been a favorite actor of all times to some. To others he is an actor from Hollywood. What most people don’t know about Johnny Depp is that he involves himself in character development before he even takes on the roles in movies. His unique look and character makes a hit at any event. Look no further than Johnny Depp to entice your crowd and get them talking.


Alice in Wonderland Characters

Alice in Wonderland is a classic story told by Lewis Carroll.
A story about an innocent girl destined to experience anthropomorphic creatures. Adults and kids love these characters that have taught us to be ourselves in our clothing. Be who you are meant to be. Want to feel like yourself? Bring Alice in Wonderland Characters to your event.

Back to the Future Dr. Emmett Brown

Dr. Emmett Brown!
If you grew up in the 1980’s era, you know the movie Back to the Future. Exploring the idea of going into the future and learning what is to come. Who wants to go to the future when you can bring back Dr. Emmett Brown!
You’ve heard of the classic 80’s themed parties, make it an even better event with Back to the Future characters.

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Dennis as Joey Bishop

DENNIS BLAIR as Joey Bishop is truly a Renaissance man. He is an accomplished screenwriter, award winning songwriter and comedic actor. Yet he is probably best known for the caustic observations and musical satires of his live comedy performances. Early in his career, Rodney Dangerfield made him his protégé, and together they toured the U.S and Canada for over three years. Dennis conceived, co-wrote and appeared in Rodney’s hit movie, “Easy Money”. He also co-wrote and appeared in two Dangerfield specials on ABC, and was creative consultant for the album “Rappin’ Rodney”. The title song (which he wrote with Rodney) was nominated for a Grammy Award. His post-Rodney career has seen him opening for a multitude of celebrities such as Tom Jones, The Beach Boys, Natalie Cole, Garry Shandling, Joan Rivers, George Wallace, Gloria Estefan, Joy Behar, Jackie Mason, and the late, great George Carlin, with whom he toured.   Meanwhile, he continues to headline in comedy clubs, on cruise ships and at corporate events and to open for celebrities and rock bands, and also appears from time to time as Joey Bishop as part of the Rat Pack corporate show.   Movies, television, radio, theaters, comedy clubs, comedy albums, a book, a play…has he had his fill? “As long as there are jokes to be written,” says Dennis, “and as long as my family demands to be fed, I’ll be around.”


Brad Pitt Look-A-Like

Brad Pitt has been an international star since the 90’s. Still to this day he has been the hot hunk of the Hollywood scene. Want a Brad Pitt look-a-like at your next event? Make your guests feel like they are part of the Hollywood scene and crowd. Inquire about Brad’s abilities and entertaining skills. He will blow you away!

Bob Hope Look Alike


Thanks for the memories!

Want a Bob Hope look-a-like at your next event. Whether it is a corporate event, golf tournament, or just a party. Bring the Bob Hope look-a-like and make your event a success.

A sample of our own Bob Hope performing:

Lady Gaga Look Alike

Lady Gaga is an international superstar. From her pop tracks to her crazy outfits and videos. We can’t get enough of her! With this Lady Gaga look-a-like, she not only does meet and greets, she performs! Get entertainment your way with a splash of Lady Gaga look-a-like.

She is corporate and family friendly.























Susan Griffiths as Marilyn Monroe

Susan Griffiths as Marilyn MonroeNotably the most famous Marilyn Monroe impersonator in the world, Susan Griffiths.

Since introducing her talents to the Las Vegas Strip with the original cast of Legends in Concert, Susan has been using her own voice and natural looks to woo audiences around the world. Film credits include Pulp Fiction, starring John Travolta, directed by Quentin Tarantino. After Susan met with Quentin Tarantino and landed the roll, he changed the script to add a speaking roll for her character. This is just one example proving she is an impressive talent with a tremendous presence.


Susan Griffiths as Marilyn Monroe

A perfectionist to her gift with a terrific personality and professionalism matched by no other Susan Griffiths is the best choice for any special occasion.


SusanGriffiths_GQcoverWhether you wish to book Susan Griffiths to MC your special event, or be the spokes model for an international product (as Acura & McDonalds decided), or maybe you’d like her to perform “Happy Birthday” at a birthday party or put together a full stage production show for a Corporate Function (she can even bring along some of her “Legendary” friends), audition for a movie roll or TV series, you’ll be glad you chose the best!!

In fact, INTERVIEW MAGAZINE recently elected Susan Griffiths as on one of “The World’s Most Interesting People” along with Double Oscar Nominee Dennis Hopper, two time Oscar Winner Hilary Swank and Oscar Winner Jamie Foxx, as well as Grammy Award Winner Zach Braff and Emmy Recipient Amber Tamblyn.

Susan will be appearing on an episode of Season 5, Episode 2 of Nip Tuck TV series (11/06/07). See photo (right).

Watch Marilyn perform with our Dean Martin here: