Kevin Stone

KevinStoneKevin Stone is a Master Hypnotist and a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist. Kevin’s world-famous hypnotherapy clinic in Los Angeles helps hundreds of people daily to improve their lifestyles for the better.

Kevin Stone travels worldwide presenting the funniest full-audience participation live comedy stage hypnosis show in America today. Kevin Stone is available to entertain you at your next event as well as help you to change and improve your lifestyle through hypnotherapy.

Kevin Viner

As one of the top booked corporate entertainers in the United States, Kevin has appeared on AMC, myNetworkTV, commercials for T-Mobile and Now You See Me 2, as well as the PBS documentary Johnny Carson: King of Late Night. As a corporate entertainer, Kevin has engaged top-level management with Google, Intel, Cisco, General Electric, and many more. Outside of magic, Kevin holds a degree in mathematics from UC Irvine, studies psychology and peak performance, and enjoys creating and writing music for piano and guitar. Continue reading

Travis Fox

Imagine finding someone who has studied psychology and the art of hypnosis. What would it be like if he understands that there is much more to your event than a stage show, product line or workshop for your guests. Dr. Travis Fox combines all of these to make a difference, and you will discover for yourself how easy it is “Reaching the world one mind at a time” with Dr. Fox.

Perhaps you are wondering why Dr. Fox is one of the most sought after performers, speakers and personal coaches in his field. That’s simple! It is due to 15 years experience, over 5,000 shows and more than 500 workshops across the country. It’s not necessary to look any further for “The most fun you’ll ever have in your sleep!”





Brandon Cross

Brandon Cross

Brandon Cross will mystify, baffle, confound and perplex you. Brandon wants his mind-bending feats to entertain and inspire rather than confuse, and that’s just what he does. As a well-rounded entertainer—he’s more of a modern-day renaissance man who performs mentalist acts with profound mystery, outlandish wit and outrageous audience participation.

What does Brandon Cross actually do that’s so astounding? Brandon reads minds. He controls minds. He predicts future events. He bends spoons like a scene from The Matrix. He’s mystically fantastic.

What will happen when you have Brandon Cross entertain your group? You will have to see to believe it.

David Winston

David Winston performs a stunning series of Psychic Experiments with the shared vision we all possess.   Telepathy and ESP are no more than intuition.  David Winston shows how we all can “read minds” and the character of the people around us.

The “Mind to Mind” Show is 45 minutes of mindreading, humor, audience participation and insight.  It is a memorable event that you will be talking about for a long time.

David Winston is a full time performer and lecturer.  His “Mysteries of the Mind” seminar teaches participants how to develop our psychic nature. He also discusses the common forms of divination and how they can be misused by so called psychics. David Winston believes that are no special “gifts” but the natural power we all possess.  He has been doing readings since he was a child.  His first readings were comments made to members of the Unitarian Church in Whittier California where his parents attended. “I couldn’t help myself; I had to speak my mind to others.”  “Thanks to my parents I have helped many people.” Since then David has developed an entertaining series of ESP experiments for his “Mind to Mind” show to share with others.

David is a busy corporate entertainer and performs throughout the United States. He has performed for clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Toshiba, Honda America Qualcomm, and hundreds of companies.



David will go table to table, group to group and mind to mind with experiments in ESP, Telepathy. He’ll read the minds of your guests, tell them what they’re thinking and describe their character and personality in remarkable and incisive ways. It’s unforgettable entertainment and a whole lot of fun. David’s amazing revelations will keep your clients and guests talking.
David’s engagements include such diverse audiences as Google, The Chopra Center, Time Warner, United Insurance, Hive Media, Pachanga Casino and the Ritz Carlton Dana Point.


Henry Fields

“Theatre of the Mind” is a sophisticated, audience-involved hour-long show, custom tailored to your event, it’s a concept so provocative and intriguing that it seems impossible. The dynamics of this entertainment is in its mystery and challenge!