Fred Saxon

Fred Saxon Emmy

Fred Saxon is an award-winning television personality, speaker, reporter, and media trainer. He has also been a performer, actor, announcer, standup comic, and talk-show host. In each of these roles Fred has connected with audiences large and small in a personal and dynamic way.

Regis Philbin once dubbed two-time EMMY winner Fred Saxon the ‘Prince of Hollywood’– and for good reason–Fred’s Hollywood career as a producer, host, and entertainment reporter began at CNN’s beginning. For over 25 years he’s interviewed the biggest stars of movies and television.

Throughout his broadcast career Fred has archived a video collection of his more than 500 interviews with the stars. Along with those interviews, he’s accumulated hundreds of entertaining and revealing stories about his experiences with Hollywood celebrities–some of most famous people in the world.

Who are your favorite Hollywood stars? Chances are, Fred can tell you what they’re really like, reveal a surprise or two, and share what he has learned from the many different interview situations he’s been in.

Fred will add ‘Star Power’ to your next event–like no one else can–with video clips of his time with Hollywood’s fascinating and famous. In addition, he can involve the audience in an interactive celebrity quiz and trivia contest, along with an informative Q & A session.

Fred’s light-hearted brand of humor, experience, and expertise in putting people at ease (and himself on the spot) will make for a fun and entertaining time!

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Flaming Hoops

Flaming Hoops

Enchant and thrill your audience with unique performance art! Flaming Hoops’ spellbinding hoop and fire dancing will help you create an evening no one forgets.

Solo and Ensemble performances for:
* Special Events
* Corporate Meetings
* Promotions
* Birthdays
* Private Parties
* Weddings
* Resorts
* Festivals
* Mitzvahs
* Clubs
* Music Venues

A masterful hoopdancer and performer, Sara dances the rhythmical rotation of the hoop revealing a exhilarating, brilliant visual feast! Performances with sparkling, led lit, and fire hoops.

Fire Performance
Get their attention with the raw, elemental power of fire! Captivate, hypnotize and inspire your guests with the mesmerizing fire dance performances! Without exception, Flaming Hoops’ evocative fire performances dazzle and delight.

Performances range from three to 20 minutes, and include one to several fire dancers. Please call us to discuss your venue and goals. We’ll customize a unique performance for your event.


Phantom of the Forest

Phantom of the ForestThe Phantom of the Forest is hardly ever seen, and so meeting this phantom will be a most memorable moment. The species is considered to be very rare, and it’s reclusive manner, and Lifestyle in the old growth forests of the world keep it largely hidden from view.

A fourteenth Century Poem (translated) says:

“Men gaped at the hue of him
Ingrained in garb and mien
A fellow fiercely grim
And all a glittering green.”

“And garments of green girt the fellow about-
And verlly his vesture was all vivid green,
So were the bars on his belt and the brilliants set
In ravishing array on the rich accoutermnets
About himself and his saddle on silken work.
…Yes, garbed all in green was the gallant rider,
And the hair of his head was the same hue as his horse….”

The mystery of it is one of the fascinations confronting each person in that moment. Nature is bigger than you think. Nature’s more mysterious. The nature of a tree is to be rooted. Seeing it otherwise is a big shift of reality. What’s perceived of as reality is then shifted around. Trees normally are stuck in one-place. It fits our mode of what reality is. For a tree to be uprooted and walking is a little unusual at first.

The Living Garden

The Living Garden is a unique entertainment experience, where natures come to life with an extraordinary combination of movement, music and live interaction. Each element of The Living Garden weaves an enchanting tapestry in a stunning display of visual images and illusions. The Living Garden invites you into this magical world where life does not imitate art, but art comes to life.

DiVine – A woman/dancer on 4 stilts with grapevine costume.
Entwined around a tree or sprawled along a wall, DiVine is at first incognito. Reaching a height from9’ to 16’ tall, the living vine slowly animates, moving in and out of stunning tableaus. She gracefully leaps her way to the next location leaving her audience fascinated as once more she melds into her surroundings.

Rock – Performer in rock costume with mechanical rock set piece.
Experience the intrigue of the Rockman as he slowly emerges from his ingenious dwelling. The Rickman metamorphoses between rock and man as he camouflages completely with his habitat. Audiences are enchanted by his warmth and power making for a truly fascinating performance.

Fountain -A woman/dancer with statue costume with hands and headwater effects, fountain basin and dais with re-circulating pumps and attachments. Tech included for setup/teardown.

A statue of a beautiful woman transforms herself with magical elegance in to a living fountain. Delicate jets of water appear from her fingertips as a shimmering halo cascades from the crown of her head in this beautifully choreographed display. Indoors or outdoors The Fountain makes for a truly enchanting experience.

Light Beings

An Enlightening idea:








Chris Lee – The Dough Doll Master

Dough Art

Dough Artist creator and owner, Chris Lee was born in Kaoshiung, Taiwan and came to the United States when he was 5 years old.  At the tender age of 10, Chris watched his dad’s hand movement and was taught the ancient art of Chinese Dough Dolls.  Over the years, Chris has taken the ancient art of Chinese Dough Art and developed his own style, refined his technique and perfected the art to keep up with the latest and most popular American trend.

Chris Lee is the only dough artist in the western United States that has mastered the ancient art of Chinese Dough Dolls.  Chinese Dough art is over 2,000 years old and only a handful of artist left in the world still practice this ancient art.  With over 20 years of experience, Chris Lee has performed this Dough Art all over the United States and even Canada.  He has done hundreds of events for celebrities, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, movie premieres, store promotions, festivals and charities.  Dough Art is very unique and having Chris perform at your special event will not only provide great entertainment, appreciation for this dying art, but it makes a wonderful long lasting party gift.

February 2014


Dough Art


Scot Bruce as Elvis

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, where he was an air-personality at the top 40 FM radio station Z-FUN 106 and a drummer, Scot has lived in Los Angeles since 1990. While pursuing his career as a musician/actor (and having been a musician and a big Elvis fan all of his life) he started doing a 1950s’ era Elvis show as a way to survive the lean times.

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Chef Anton Expert Pool Shot

Featuring the same shots Chef Anton used to win The United States Trick Shot Championships, this original and creative show is the perfect blend of mind-boggling pool ball wizardry, dazzling sleight of hand, and daring pick-pocketing. As if that were not enough, the entire show is choreographed to customized music and sound effects, launching it to a whole new level.

Different show options:

#1 – Award Winning Trick Shot Exhibition

Unlike anything you have ever seen. Two years in a row, Chef Anton won The United States Trick Shot Championships. This original and creative show is the perfect blend of mind-boggling pool ball wizardry and dazzling sleight of hand. The audience is stunned as a cue stick appears from a ball of fire. They burst into applause as a spectator from the crowd pockets 10 balls in one shot. They laugh uncontrollably as another bystander gets a pool ball shot out of his mouth. And they explode in unison as a spectator’s signed playing card is impaled in mid air at the end of Chef Anton’s cue stick.

#2 – Strolling Close Up Magic

Winning Close-Up Magician of the Year at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, Chef Anton educates the onlookers as to how easily simple honest folk can be taken by a swindler like himself. This highly entertaining routine includes classic cons such as The Three Card Monte and Shell Game; as well as, lesser known swindles like Fast and Loose, Guessing Game, and Dice Stacking. Unlike when Chef Anton used to perform on the streets of New York, at the end of this show, he does return the watches, wallets, and rings he stole off his unsuspecting marks.

#3 – Parlour Magic Show

As seen at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, this interactive show is a cross between Close-Up and Stage Magic. The perfect blend of mind-boggling sleight-of-hand and side-splitting comedy, this unique form of entertainment features Magic, Con Games, and Audience Participation.


#4 – Stage Magic


On stage, Chef Anton combines wit, humor, and audience participation with unbelievable sleight-of-hand and daring pick pocketing to weave a spell of enchantment and deception for all. Through real life experiences growing up on the streets of New York, Anton proves the age old adage, “Never try to hustle a hustler.” The audience for the first time is able to see the world through the eyes of a con man. Onlookers in fact become his confederates, as they together put the sting on an unsuspecting spectator. As the con unfolds, the audience, the on-stage volunteers, and the Grifter are caught up in a mystifying web of comedy and trickery with a climax that has to be seen to be believed.

#5 – Sharp Shooting


Chef Anton has been deemed “The Harlem Globe Trotters of Pool.” Besides being a professional trick shot and con artist, Chef Anton is a world-class pool player as well. This interactive show blends Chef Anton’s incredible pool skills with his warm and entertaining personality. He will accept 8-Ball challenge matches from all spectators. Anyone who plays will receive an autographed picture and those who win will receive an autographed copy of his award-winning video: Chef Anton’s Magical Menu of Pool Ball Wizardry.

Chef Anton Trade Show and Trick Shot Demo:

Cigar Rollers

This family of cigar rollers represents three generations of Cuban tobacco experience that has been passed down through the entire family.  We believe you will be able to experience the difference in their hand-made cigars because of their passion and dedication to the craft.

Their cigars use a unique blend of Dominican Piloto Cubano (Cuban Seed), Honduran, Ecuadorian and Connecticut Tobaccos and production is limited to ensure premium quality. Our experienced rollers hand roll every cigar to perfection.



Guests will enjoy seeking their name hidden within the landscape.

Output:  60 Namescapes per hour

“Scapes” can be themed to your event.  Company logo can also be added to the paper.  It makes an ideal keepsake!

Vaughn as Frank Sinatra

Vaughn Supponatime has performed at corporate events across the country and at major hotel in Las Vegas, as well as multiple appearances on “The Tonight Show.”

After four successful appearances at The Frank Sinatra “Twin Palms” Estate in Palm Springs, Vaughn has been selected to sing at The Frank Sinatra Compound in Rancho Mirage- the only singer to appear there since Mr. S. left.

What makes Vaughn the most requested Sinatra singer in the country?

Not only does Vaughn bear a striking resemblance to a young Sinatra, but he brings his own brand of humor and showmanship to every performance.