David W – The Sand Reader

Your guests will be asked to make a design, picture or free form impression in a bed of white sand from the Caribbean. David does a fun, entertaining reading about their strengths, goals, dreams and talents and their positive future. It will blow their socks off. People are always saying: “Did someone tell you about me?”, or “I didn’t believe in this until I spoke to you.”

Invite the “Sandman” to your next event. Theme attire available. A table, and three chairs is a standard setup.



Andy D as Dean Martin

Although Dean Martin Impersonator Andy DiMino’s background may be more in music and singing than celebrity impersonations, DiMino is a natural when it comes to bringing ol’ Dino back to life.

With career experience as a musician, songwriter, recording artist, actor and stage performer, Andy has focused his attention on the music and comedy style of Dean Martin. Recently returning from a triumphant six week showroom engagement at the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City, the reviews have echoed the same positive response he received in San Francisco, Detroit, Boston and Berlin, Germany… “Andy DiMino as a brilliantly conceived, uncanny total embodiment of Martin”…

With his love for music and comedy of the Rat Pack generation, his close physical resemblance to Dean Martin and an Italian background (DiMino’s father and all four grandparents were from Sicily), it looks like Andy DiMino has truly found his calling.



Pan Am Stewardess

Let these authentic styled Stewardesses guide your guests on board your next event! Ideal for photo-ops and crowd guidance. Is your event theme “Taking Flight.” Imagine escorting your CEO on stage for an opening General Session. The possibilities are endless.




Steph as Marilyn

Stephanie first discovered her love for Marilyn at the age of 14 when she landed the role of Audrey in “Little Shop of Horrors”. When the costumer put her in the iconic Marilyn white dress, many people noted her resemblance to the blonde bombshell.
After multiple cabarets and performances throughout college and Vegas as Marilyn, it became apparent that Stephanie had something special with portraying Ms. Monroe.

Stephanie enjoys keeping Marilyn positive, light and flirty. She remains in character throughout the entirety of the event and knows Marilyn’s life backward and forward. It is important to Stephanie to continue learning more and integrating that knowledge into her performances.
Stephanie currently works at Universal Studios and is one of two performers in the world to have the blessing from Joshua Greene, who personally knew Marilyn.

Rey Ortega Comedy Ventrioloquist


Rey Ortega’s Comedy Ventriloquist show will leave your audience with smiles on their faces and wanting for more! Rey’s performance, technique and showmanship is like no other. From the moment Rey’s characters hit the stage you will believe that they are real as they deliver a triple threat performance of comedy, music and even dance! Rey builds all of his own unique characters and his cast continues to grow. Rey’s performances range from squeaky clean to PG-13 with just enough spice to keep it fun! Your guests are assured to be thoroughly entertained!

Rey Ortega 2


Madonna (Holly)


Holly as Madonna. Who doesn’t love a great look-a-like at their event.

Donald Trump (Marcel)

DonaldTrumpLAL5In need of some laughs and good entertainment? How about having a Donald Trump look-a-like at your next event! Make sure to create a splash with your guests.

Chainsaw Chicks Ice Sculpting

ChainsawChicks1This bevy of chainsaw wielding chicks will light up any stage as they show off their ice carving talents and demonstrate their world record holding speed. With eye catching costume changes from ice queen to daisy dukes to scifi, these girls will slice and dice these 300 pound blocks of ice into amazing sculptures using their multitude of tools. Watch out guys…these girls’ power tool skills will put anyone to shame.
ChainsawChicks3What started with one young girls fascination with ice, turned into an ice carving business, but when everyone wanted to watch her in action she realized performance art was the way to go… and the chainsaw chicks were formed.So, whether you are looking to book them for a show, party, event, or simply want an amazing ice sculpture they are the crew for you!


Skate Girls

SkateGirls1Take a look at the Skate Girls! Thinking about having an event where you need flashing ladies skating around? How about taking these Skate Girls and adding them to your event. They can interact with guests, put on a skate routine, or simply look fabulous at your next event.



Photo Mobile

ThePhotoBus2Ever thought about having a mobile photo-booth at your next event? How about an all-in-one, one of a kind Volkswagen bus! This bus has it all for getting your event hip and cool.

Our 1966 Volkswagen “Riviera” Split window is one of a kind. Custom built from the Beaverton, Oregon Riviera Dealership in that same year, this bus sports its original custom camper interior.