Kevin Stone

KevinStoneKevin Stone is a Master Hypnotist and a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist. Kevin’s world-famous hypnotherapy clinic in Los Angeles helps hundreds of people daily to improve their lifestyles for the better.

Kevin Stone travels worldwide presenting the funniest full-audience participation live comedy stage hypnosis show in America today. Kevin Stone is available to entertain you at your next event as well as help you to change and improve your lifestyle through hypnotherapy.

Ara Belly Dancers

Ara Belly Dancers 5Ever wonder what it would be like to be surrounded by belly dancers? How about an entertaining show for your next private event?

These belly dancers sure know how to put on a good show. From balancing acts, fire dancing, and so much more!

Sand Dollar Art

SandDollarArtCustomize the fun with our highly trained and super talented airbrush artists.

Whether you want your Sand Dollar airbrushed or hand-painted, let us do it for you! Our artists hand letter and decorate a sand dollar for each of your guests.  This one of a kind keepsake is a HUGE HIT!

Cocktail Divas


Ever thought about having the Cocktail Divas at your next event? These girls can move about the audience with grace and elegance! All while sharing some champagne and or cocktails with your guests! The Cocktail Divas can come in a array of different outfits and dresses. The dress can be tailored to your event theme or party. They can be mobile or stationary. A great addition to any event! Make your guests feel special and entertained all at the same time while having a glass of champagne or cocktail beverage!

Photo Graffiti Wall


Ever thought about taking guest interaction to a whole new tech level? With Photo Graffiti Wall you give your guests the chance to be creative and have a takeaway! This Photo Graffiti Wall can be designed to match your event theme and colors, as well as, having your company logo. It couldn’t get any better than this. Tech, creative, guest-interactive, and so much more. Inquire today for booking.

Caricature Artist

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.30.09 AM


Ever wonder what you would look like as a caricature? Well now you can! Take a look at the samples our caricature artist have done for other events and parties. If you are looking for something fun for your guests to be a part of, book a caricature artist at your next event. Inquire within for more details.

Polynesia Pride

PolynesiaPride3Polynesia Pride is a San Diego based dance company specializing in the songs and dances of four of the major Polynesian Islands, French Polynesia (Tahiti), Hawaii, Samoa and Aotearoa (New Zealand).

The group prides itself on the authenticity of its entertainment, costuming and passion of its entertainers. Offering floor shows, live background music, lei making demonstrations, hula lessons, and fire knife performance. If you are looking for a cultural entertainment that is authentic and fun, you’ve come to the right place. We proudly represent the tropics!


Infinity Photo Booth

InfinityPhotoBoothWhere does the fun start and stop with this crazy photo-booth box?  Your guests won’t be able to tell once they’re inside this interactive Infinity Photo Booth.  At first glance it looks like a normal box, but once you look inside, you get taken to a whole new world.  Taking the photo-booth and selfies to infinity and beyond!

Interactive Portrait

Light Painting Selfies2Portrait taking has just gone to a whole new level with the “Light Painting Pixel Sticks!”  This photography trick is ideal for an outdoor event with a dark perimeter.  Similar to a green screen, the image/text/or graphic appears behind the subjects having their picture taken.  But unlike a green screen, the scene of the event is your background!  Merging the two creates an unforgettable “take-away!”


Austin Brooks

AustinBrooksAustin Brooks began his magic career at the age of 17 when he was accepted to the famed Chavez College of Magic. After two years of intense training, Austin was the youngest person to ever graduate from the college and ranked top in his class.

At the young age of 19 Austin took his show on the road and performed all over the country. He performed for companies like Pepsi, Arm and Hammer, Virgin Records, numerous colleges and nightclubs and even spent 18 months in Las Vegas performing for various Casinos and Corporate events.

Always wanting to learn more, Austin set out to earn the rare title of Master Magician. To earn the title Master Magician is not an easy task. Not only must you master all of the styles of magic such as illusions, street magic, sleight-of-hand, comedy, and mentalism, you have to be able to perform your craft across all demographics and events. Austin Brooks is one of the few individuals in the world that have been given the title of master magician.


Terrell & Takako

Terrell & Takako  KnivesWith Terrell & Takako they are not just limited to being a Juggling Act.  These two are more than just a magic act, mime or even just able to offer Origami!  And yes, you guessed it…. They even offer Japanese Calligraphy!

Whether you’re bringing them to your event as  individual talents, or as a performance team, Terrell & Takako are entertainers who will make the difference at your venue.  Both Terrell & Takako are accomplished Jugglers – with clubs, knives,  torches, balls, rings, boxes, scarves and more.  But, this dynamic duo are also skilled as Unicyclists, Mimes, Clowns, Professional Character Greeters, Balloon Sculptors, and Origami Artists (from traditional Japanese models, to “motion” models, to Dollar Bills)! chineseCaligraphyAnd if you can believe your eyes, additionally, Terrell’s talents include Hat Manipulations, Cup Manipulations, “Devil Sticks”, and Rope Spinning.  Not the second fiddle, but an artistic equal Takako’s own unique skills include Asian Character Calligraphy, Umbrella Spinning, Bullwhip Cracking, Diablo Spinning, Rola Bola Balancing, and Face-Painting.

Depiction Photo Booth

DepictionPhotoBooth5Depiction photo booth is a modern take on the traditional photo booth. Equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your guest will have a takeaway to rememberFrom brand activations, trade shows and conferences to fundraisers and galas, the Depiction Photo Booth will help make your corporate event a success and offer a fun and engaging way to raise your brand’s awareness. Depiction makes your event memorable and increases your brand through the power of social media.

DepictionPhotoBooth1Depiction’s customization options on prints, backdrops, or even the booth itself are great for brand marketing. Put your company’s logo or unique message on every print and send your guests home with memorable, branded images of your event that they’ll keep for years (Can you think of the last time you got rid of picture of yourself?). Gain long-term exposure and broadcast your event instantly through social media when your guests post photos to their social networks and hundreds of their friends LIKE, SHARE, and TAG your event photos.

Our video, slow motion video and animated gifs are optional offerings to help make your event shine while growing brand recognition. Our video features are great for creating video testimonials for your company or to get feedback on a survey or your event.

Give your guests the instant gratification of seeing their photos displayed moments after they are taken, and monitor attendees tweets in real time at conferences and trade shows – all while you reinforce your brand.


Madonna is an international idol. The queen of pop as she has been called has led her to become successful as a woman in the music industry.

Get your very own Madonna look-a-like at your next event or party.


J Lo Look Alike

Jennifer Lopez! Jennifer has been heating up the Latina world in the United States sine 1999. Playing the Selena movie role really helped get her into the international scene and to become one of the most successful Latina women in the music industry. Known for her curvy looks and fashion styles, she would be an exciting addition to any event. Get this Jennifer Lopez look-a-like at an event near you!


Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 2.49.16 PMActor and Comedian Sinbad arrived on the comedy scene with a “ hit’em in the face” style of comedy that has kept audiences laughing in the aisles for over the past two decades.  He freely admits that he doesn’t knows any jokes, except for the ones that his dad told him “back in the day”.  Sinbad tells stories, and boy does he tell stories!  The basis of his humor comes from everyone he’s meets, everything he’s seen, and everything he’s done.

Ranked by Comedy Central as one of the top 100 standup comedians of all time, Sinbad has built a loyal following by taking audiences’ painful trials or embarassing tribulations of day-by-day life, throwing them back in their faces, and causing an uproar of comedic hysteria.

John Mulaney

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 2.42.34 PM
John Mulaney is an American actor and comedian best known for his work as a writer on Saturday Night Live and as a standup comedian. From his writing to performing on stage John has it all. Whit, talent, and enough stories to make your head spin. Although many people portray him as a tall child, he is deceiving in the sense that he is really funny.

Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 1.07.38 PM

Colin and Brad are currently doing their US show tour. The two of them have been seen on Who’s Line Is It Anyways giving audiences all over the world a laugh. Looking for someone at your next event to make people laugh and forget their daily lives? Well look no further than Colin and Brad. They will make sure to put on a show that everyone will be talking about!

Paul Reiser

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.48.36 AM


Paul Reiser started his career as a stand-up comedian followed by the Hollywood scene as an actor, writer, and producer. He is now returning to stand-up comedy to make your next event a success. He has been seen all around the world and has been featured on TV shows on NBC, FOX, and HBO.
You can’t go wrong with Paul whatever the occasion he can tailor to your needs, or do what he does best!

Mike Birbiglia

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.39.52 AM
Comedian Mike Birbiglia tried many different outlets for his creativity. In 2004, Dog Years became his debut album for the label. His fan base grew quickly and soon indie-style T-shirts quoting Birbiglia routines were virally spreading the word. As “Cracker, please” and “Only we can call each other Cracker” shirts were being spotted on hipsters, the comedian returned with the CD/DVD combo Two Drink Mike in early 2006. Based off his blog of the same name, My Secret Public Journal Live appeared in 2007. Birbiglia opened his first off-Broadway show, Sleepwalk with Me, the following year, and spent the rest of the decade spinning that show into different projects. An accompanying nonfiction book, Sleepwalk with Me and Other Painfully True Stories, appeared in 2010, followed one year later by the album Sleepwalk with Me Live. Another stage show, Mike Birbiglia’s My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, opened that March.

Kathleen Madigan

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.34.13 AM

Kathleen Madigan is one of the most respected comedians of her generation; over her 25 year career Madigan has performed on nearly every standup television show ever made: Leno, Letterman, Conan, Ferguson and so on. She was nominated for a 2014 American Comedy Award for Best Concert Comic and her third hour-long special, Madigan Again, which iTunes named one of the Best Comedy Albums of 2013, premiered exclusively on Netflix to rave reviews and is available on CD, DVD and download. She’s released 5 CDs and 3 DVDs and starred in 1 Netflix special, 1 Showtime special, 2 HBO specials, 3 Comedy Central specials and 3 CMT Salute to the Troops specials with Ron White.