Tom Crowl Ventriloquist

Tom Crowl is a high-energy comedian and ventriloquist who brings almost 30 years of professional entertainment experience into each new performance. A rare talent, Tom is often recognized from his appearance on NBC’s Last Comic Standing as well as his performances at corporate events, associations, theaters and resorts around the world.

Prior to launching his solo act, which frequently accompanies imaginary performance partners and a hilarity of unexpected comebacks, Tom spent 14 years performing as a duo with his wife, Dierdre. Their immediate spark and natural rapport made the pair a sought-after act around the world at fairs and festivals, promotional and corporate events, and schools and colleges.

Tom has been the featured opener for recognized celebrities and high-profile acts including The Drifters, Chubby Checkers, Rodney Atkins, The Marvellettes and The Diamonds. He’s been the preferred performer for events hosted by Coca-Cola, Armstrong, Oxy Permian, the National Association of Postal Supervisors and the Strathmore Foundation. He has also received accolades for his shows at resorts from Cancun to West Virginia and New York.

Tom Crowl is a published author, a podcaster and is the creator of the first virtual ventriloquism course titled: Learn-Ventriloquism. His act has been captured on DVD in Tom Crowl Alone Again Un-Naturally. Early influences include Senor Wences of Ed Sullivan fame and the comedic performances of Steve Martin and Robin Williams.

Rey Ortega Comedy Ventrioloquist


Rey Ortega’s Comedy Ventriloquist show will leave your audience with smiles on their faces and wanting for more! Rey’s performance, technique and showmanship is like no other. From the moment Rey’s characters hit the stage you will believe that they are real as they deliver a triple threat performance of comedy, music and even dance! Rey builds all of his own unique characters and his cast continues to grow. Rey’s performances range from squeaky clean to PG-13 with just enough spice to keep it fun! Your guests are assured to be thoroughly entertained!

Rey Ortega 2

Brad Cummings Ventriloquist Comedy

“Everyone had an invisible playmate when they were young, but mine used to talk back….and everyone else was able to hear him.”

The ranting of a mad child? Not at all. These are the words of Brad Cummings when asked to describe his early fascination with ventriloquism. A fascination that would lead him to become one of today’s most successful and innovative ventriloquists.

Years of practice paid big dividends for Brad as he grew older. By the late 70’s, he packed his bags (which included his clothes, his toothbrush, and his dummies) and left the humble security of Wellesley, Massachusetts to pursue a career in show business. Soon after his arrival in Hollywood, Brad became a popular performer at some of L.A.’s most respected Comedy Clubs, including THE IMPROVISATION and THE ICE HOUSE.

The early 80’s gave this now seasoned performer a chance to expand and travel with his much sought after act. He was hired as an opening act for such stars as JOHN DENVER, CAPTAIN & TENNILLE, AND DOROTHY HAMILL. In addition to these tours, he also starred in main showroom revues in LAKE TAHOE, RENO, ATLANTIC CITY, AND LAS VEGAS.

All of the above mentioned is but a precursor for what Brad Cummings has become today. He has more than conquered the art of ventriloquism, he has taken it to a new plateau. With his innovative approach, unusual characters, and unique presentation, it’s no doubt that he is now a recognizable face in the media. His many television appearances (THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, EVENING AT THE IMPROV, COMEDY ON THE ROAD, CAROLINE’S COMEDY HOUR, COMIC STRIP LIVE, THE VICKI SHOW, ETC.) have allowed millions of people to witness his ground breaking style of ventriloquism. He can also be seen on many television commercials and is the “on air” spokesman for BREATH ASURE. No wonder the prestigious SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE called him “one of today’s top ventriloquists”.

And in spite of (or perhaps because of) his breaking with the traditional ventriloquist approach, he has also become a favorite at corporate meetings and conventions, entertaining such companies as FUJITSU, TOSHIBA, and even some American sounding companies.

As a result of this overwhelming success, Brad Cummings now speaks with the voice of experience…and a good part of the time without even moving his lips!




Steve and Jack

SteveandJackVisual, unique, international!
Ventriloquist Steve Bernard shows his hilarious abilities that have wowed audiences on both sides of the Atlantic for decades. Besides appearing on numerous international television shows, he’s made over 70 TV commercials in six languages!
His resume also includes appearances at comedy clubs nationwide, college campuses, and lots of experience entertaining on cruiseship lines such as Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Holland America.

Steve makes every performance unique by personalizing each show, using information about the company’s product or service, and making some fun with some the key people.

Steve definitely offers one of the most unique comedy shows anywhere.

Besides the laughter and pure enjoyment of a live, world-class comedian, audiences never forget the exciting feats of skill and daring presented as Steve competes with Jack to win the audience’s appreciation. Who can amaze the audience more with their abilities…the ventriloquist or the puppet? (Nothing personal, Jack)
Even if the puppet is the crowd favorite, Steve is proud to work with Jack, the world’s only juggling and fire-eating rabbit. Fluffy, cute, fearless.

Jay Johnson

Jay JohnsonJay Johnson started performing at eleven years old when he discovered his natural ability to make a cousin’s doll come to life. This is when he started using his imagination to entertain. His acute dyslexia disappeared in this world of imagery where he was able to find his self-esteem and notoriety. Not until college did he learn he was dyslexic. Jay Johnson got side-tracked on his way up the corporate ladder. If not for a little wooden friend of his, Johnson would probably be a successful securities dealer like his father and brother.

That was the idea when Jay Johnson was growing up, and even after he got his degree in Marketing. It was the family degree. His father, his uncle, his aunt, his brother and his sister all received BBAs in Marketing. Jay Johnson was raised to be a business man, but he was born to be a ventriloquist. What was a loss to the investment banking world was a gain to audiences everywhere.

Willie Tyler and Lester

Willie began to see Ventriloquist like Paul Winchell, on T.V. He started performing in Detroit, Michigan at the age of ten. While still in grade school he took a correspondence Ventriloquist course from Popular mechanics Magazine AD.

Between school and delivering newspapers, Willie would find time to perform in a variety shows and talent contests. This is where he developed his craft. After four years in the U.S. Air Force Willie returned to Detroit and a few years later signed with Motown Record Corporation. For the next eight years, he and Lester toured with all the Motown greats including Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, The Supremes and The Four Tops.

Lester Says he was a member of the group “The Four Tops” when they were called “THE FOUR TOPS AND A STICK!” Last year in Las Vegas Willie Tyler was presented with “The Askins Award” for his outstanding contribution to the art of Ventriloquism.

They have also been seen in numerous TV commercials: McDonalds and Maxwell House coffee to name a few.

Lester is a humorous little fellow and he sings pretty good too! Although he was born in the woods and worked his way out. Once you have seen him in action you will never forget this little “chip off the old block!”

Ronn Lucas

Ronn Lucas

Through a mixture of hard work and comedy, Ronn Lucas puts on one of the finest ventriloquist acts performed today. Ronn’s present characters include Buffalo Billy, the child-like, foam-faced, con-artist from Texas; a seven-hundred year old female troll named Tillie; a tear-apart punk rocker impervious to pain called Chuck; and of course an orphaned, fire-breathing, rapping, teenaged dragon named Scorch. Ronn can also bring to life a wide range of inanimate objects and do some amazing voice-throwing without revealing a trace of the voices’ origin.

Steve Bernard

The art of ventriloquism is alive and well, thanks in part to the fresh, fast paced and highly entertaining approach that Steve Bernard is internationally known for.

The combination of high energy comedy, unique visual surprises, flawless technique and audience contact, have made Steve and Jack an audience favorite worldwide. Add to that a professional attitude that puts the client first, and you have a combination to make your function a success.

As a ventriloquist, Steve doesn’t work alone. In the spotlight next to him is one endearing rabbit named Jack. Normally, rabbits don’t talk, but this one is different. This one talks a lot. He’s quick witted, and funny, too. He’s also packed with personality and charm, not an easy task for a puppet.

Jack’s popularity is one reason for the comedy duo’s success. Another is because Steve personalizes part of each show with humor that is specific to each particular audience. The laughs keep coming as Jack happily acknowledges a few key people in the audience with hilarious and unexpected results.