The Crew

CHRIS RUBIO is the leader and was formerly on tour with the Broadway show, “Stomp.” Chris played the leading role as Sergeant on tour. Studio Director and Choreographer of “Crew” and “Jr. Crew” Living a Drug Free Life, Street Scene and Sea World’s Stompin’ Gravediggers and Jammin’ Janitors, Legoland’s Drumming Mummies and Elves. He was also Winner of Ed McMahon’s, “Next Big Star Competition.”

Choreographer of numerous CYT shows and beauty pageants. Dance styles: Tap, percussion movement, hip-hop, musical theatre and swing.

Crew and Jr. Crew features a unique combination of rhythm and movement and utilizes everyday objects to make percussive sounds.  The group is popular all over the U.S.   They promote a healthy, drug-free lifestyle while teaching kids to develop their own talents and hobbies as a way to stay positive and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Chris’ studio also has a dance and movement class for special needs children/adults.   In this class the instructor guides the students on a creative journey through dance movement and percussion. The class enables a dancer with special needs to learn and work at their own pace while enjoying and appreciating dance and performing choreography.

You can tell by Chris’ programs that he is passionate about dance and percussion and feels an unwavering commitment to share that joy with not only adults but children of all needs while being a positive role model for all.  His message easily translates over into a corporate environment and his Crew show is very well received by corporate audiences.  Interactive, entertaining, motivational and definitely exciting!

Crew and Jr. Crew are an ideal after dinner entertainment event and perfect for a General Session opener.