Del Mundo Band

Guitarist/composer Bruce Harvey is a founding member of Del Mundo. His interest in world music began as a Peace Corps volunteer in Somalia, East Africa. He spent two years in Spain, studying Spanish music and culture, before returning to the United States to form Del Mundo.

Del Mundo is Southern California’s finest contemporary flamenco band. With two flamenco guitars, bass and percussion, Del Mundo is dynamic and elegant, combining a Mediterranean feel with a Southern California Latin groove. Del Mundo has performed throughout Southern California and Hawaii, and recently concluded a successful tour of Spain, France and Italy.


  1. Dos Princesas 5:29
  2. Vino Y Puros 4:49
  3. Courtyard 3:51
  4. Mundo Nuevo 4:00
  5. Noche Blanca 3:35
  6. El Nino 4:14
  7. Dolphin Girl 4:54
  8. Samba Delicias 4:19
  9. Broken Wing 5:56
  10. Taller De Guitarras (Guitar Shop) 3:54
  11. Rumba Romance 3:26
  12. Havana 5:15