Depiction Photo Booth

DepictionPhotoBooth5Depiction photo booth is a modern take on the traditional photo booth. Equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your guest will have a takeaway to remember.

From brand activations, trade shows and conferences to fundraisers and galas, the Depiction Photo Booth will help make your corporate event a success and offer a fun and engaging way to raise your brand’s awareness. Depiction makes your event memorable and increases your brand through the power of social media.

Depiction’s customization options on prints, backdrops, or even the booth itself are great for brand marketing. Put your company’s logo or unique message on every print and send your guests home with memorable, branded images of your event that they’ll keep for years (Can you think of the last time you got rid of picture of yourself?). Gain long-term exposure and broadcast your event instantly through social media when your guests post photos to their social networks and hundreds of their friends LIKE, SHARE, and TAG your event photos.

Our video, slow motion video and animated gifs are optional offerings to help make your event shine while growing brand recognition. Our video features are great for creating video testimonials for your company or to get feedback on a survey or your event.

Give your guests the instant gratification of seeing their photos displayed moments after they are taken, and monitor attendees tweets in real time at conferences and trade shows – all while you reinforce your brand.