Etch-A-Sketch Artist


Christoph Brown (C.B.) has been using his creative energies since he was very young. Working as a professional commercial artist at age 16, Christoph has been an art director for television and film; writer and illustrator of comic books and newspaper strips, professional singer and actor.

He never expected his abilities would snowball into an exciting career with America’s nostalgic toy, The Etch A Sketch® Magic Screen. A few years ago when someone left an Etch A Sketch® behind in an LA coffee shop, he learned he could etch about anything with the little toy and fast too!

In 2003, C.B. launched his company; and has gone on to Etch A Sketch® OSCAR PARTIES and celebrity Christmas cards. He is featured on talk shows and in newspapers, and his company is leading the way in etch a sketch art innovation. Most recently C.B. has been seen on MODERN MARVELS:”60’s tech” on the History Channel, ABC NEWS’ GOOD MORNING CHICAGO, and FOX NEWS.

Through a messy, intricate process of drilling and draining the actual mechanism, Christoph can preserve the Etch A Sketch drawing in the toy itself. It hangs as self-contained piece of artwork in it’s built in red frame. Designed for the avid art collector who wants a highly detailed, preserved piece of artwork from the Etch A Sketch Man’s master collection; or for a portrait subject wishing to keep forever the etched moment created for them.

Watch Christopher Here: