Fear No Ice

Fear No Ice

Fear No Ice is the first and only performing ice sculpting company. They are a family of the world’s finest sculptors and creation teams. They are eager to create a range of creative ice sculptures from big production, elaborate, multi-sensory style performances to small, clean, quiet shows that result in a functional sculpture that can be enjoyed throughout an entire event.

Fear No Ice is ideal for not only company logo displays, but for capturing an entire theme of an event. Their services have been used from product launches, unveiling of new company logos or even sponsor recognition. Their performances are lively, interactive shows of varying length and can be either powerful or passionately choreographed.

Their displays can be functional as well. Ice bars with giant dispensing margarita or martini glasses, lighted banquet tables or even iced mugs. They’re the perfect fit any Fire and Ice event! If you can imagine it … they can make it!


Fear No Ice is the world’s first and only performance ice sculpting company, created by Scott Rella, Kevin Roscoe and Peter Slavin. Since 1989, these champion ice sculptors have been competing and sculpting together all over the world. They have represented the U.S.A. as Olympic ice sculptors in the last three winter Olympics, Lillehammer Norway, Nagano Japan and Salt Lake City. Together they have competed in over a dozen world championships.

Fear No Ice has been asked to appear on many television programs including: “Regis and Kathy Lee”, “Sunday Morning” with Charles Kuralt, “Ordinary/Extraordinary”, Ripley’s believe it or not, David Letterman and many more.

Fear No Ice has also participated in advertising work for many well-known companies including: Disney,Coca-Cola, Absolut, Grey goose and Carlsberg beer, Coors, and many more.

Fear No Ice teaches and collaborates with ice sculptors around the world, creating new technologies and ways of carving in an effort to perfect our craft and push its limits. Through the growth of Fear No Ice, a family of the world’s finest sculptors has formed, creating teams nationally and internationally, sculpting ice around the world. Fear No Ice’s body of work together is unsurpassed.