Harpist Stephanie B

Stephanie B has performed in the United States, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Panama, France and Switzerland, including solo harp performances of her own compositions at the Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), as a guest artist at the International Music Seminars in Montpelier, France, and at the International Conference on Women in Music. She has performed for President Obama, the President of Israel, and the President of Ireland.

Stephanie lives in the Los Angeles area, where she composes, records and produces her own CDs, composes and produces music which has been heard on television shows such as BONES, MURPHY BROWN, PARTY OF FIVE and THE SINGLE GUY, and on the feature film A TIME FOR DANCING; writes musical arrangements for other artists (including arrangements for rocker Ozzie Osbourne, Native American flute player Golana, Celtic fiddler Mary Barton, Celtic harper Julie Mondin, and New Age ensemble Midnight Skye). She composes chamber music which has been performed by ensembles such as “Entr’amis” (classical harp, flute and viola trio), Redlands University faculty, and “Campanile”, (renowned contemporary handbell ensemble).

Stephanie plays harp on soundtracks for movies and television, and plays harp on recordings by many other artists (including Adele, Beck, the Dixie Chicks, Sir Paul McCartney, Josh Groban, Lee Ann Rimes, Lamb, Linda Ronstadt, Everlast, Good Charlotte, Miyuki Nakajima, and Ray Conniff); teaches harp students, and writes lyrics which have been recorded by other vocalists, as well as writing music for other vocalists. She has toured with groups as diverse as R&B legend Bobby Womack, big-band Ray Conniff Singers & Orchestra, Persian singing star Dariush, Mexican superstars Vicente & Alejandro Fernandez, and Canadian band Cowboy Celtic.

She has also appeared onscreen in television, movies and music videos, including The Voice, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Ellen, THE SWEETEST THING with Cameron Diaz, Celine Dion’s 1998 Christmas special, 1999 hit movie THE OTHER SISTER (with Diane Keaton, Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi); LOVE AFFAIR with Warren Beatty, GYPSY with Bette Midler, COBB with Tommy Lee Jones, the FRANK SINATRA mini-series, A ROMANTIC CHRISTMAS by John Tesh, music videos including Trisha Yearwood and Aerosmith, and television shows including BONES and MURPHY BROWN.

Stephanie’s recordings are heard on many American radio shows including the syndicated shows ECHOES and MUSICAL STARSTREAMS, as well as on many overseas radio stations.

Stephanie began studying the harp as a junior high school student in Ann Arbor, Michigan, after having studied some guitar and piano as a child. She continued her studies of classical harp performance with Ruth Dean Clark at the University of Michigan, where she also studied composition with Pulitzer Prize winning composers Leslie Bassett and Ross Lee Finney. While in college she also began exploring creating her own arrangements of popular music. She continued her music studies at the Dick Grove School of Music and at UCLA Extension, with courses in Advanced Modern Harmony (including jazz and pop music harmony), Arranging, 20th Century Harmony, Film Scoring, etc. She was the first prize winner in the second Salvi International Competition of Jazz & Pop Harp held in Santa Barbara, California.


DOWNLOAD STEPHANIE’S SONGLIST HERE: Stephanie B Harpist Songlist 2017