Howard Jay Motivational MetaMagic

Howard JayHoward’s MetaMagic motivational programs deliver breakthrough ideas, powerful tools and practical skills that will inspire productivity and profits you’ve never imagine possible. And — as the world’s only professional “MetaMagician” Howard weaves in world-class illusions to engage, entertain, and drive home powerful ideas in a way that is nothing short of amazing!

Howard Jay magically delivers:
— A Re-energized Office Morale that includes tools that ignite a new hunger for growth and expansion of skills

— Faster Problem-Solving with proven left and right-brain techniquest to quickly fix everday and major business problems.

— Enhanced Teamwork & Communication with “Meta-listening” techniques to resolve conflicts and inspire collaboration.

— Streamlined Productivity that is a solution-based innovation process to create reproducible best-practices and measurable results.

— And finally, Presentation and Sales Skills of the Master that includes performance secrets that instantly allow anyone to create unforgettable meetings, sales calls, and customer service.

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