Jack Kalvan and Company

JackKalvan_headerIf you’re looking for comedy, try a funny guy with a difference! Jack Kalvan engages the audience and keeps them laughing, while performing seemingly impossible feats of dexterity.

Former engineer, Jack Kalvan is going to change the way you think about jugglers. His juggling has won gold medals and earned world records. Since 1989, Jack’s talents have taken him around the world. From the White House in Washington, DC to the Wintergarten in Berlin. From corporate events to TV shows like: The Drew Carey Show, NCIS, and Days of our Lives. Cruise ships, fairs, casinos, TV and movies… More than 3,000 shows in over 200 cities. Jack has done it all.

With his wide variety of amazing stunts, Jack constantly surprises the audience and keeps them laughing. Adding to the fun, Jack involves audience members without insult or embarrassment. Not only do you enjoy watching, you or your friends might even become the star of the show.

As a comedian, emcee, and human encyclopedia of odd skills, it’s like getting several great entertainers in one. His ability to constantly bring audiences something they have never seen before makes Jack Kalvan one of the hottest variety acts working today.


Check out Jack’s “Hi-Tech” Act here!