Jaime Valle

Jaime Valle

Jaime Valle is a local treasure. His exhilarating jazz guitar work has earned him more than just a loyal local following: Valle’s known throughout the nation as one of the guiding lights of Latin jazz.

His band Equinox is a prodigious collection of jazz masters: bassist Peter Skrabak from Czechoslovakia; percussionist Gene Perry from Puerto Rico; pianist Allan Phillips from Venezuela; drummer Tim Shea; and trumpet player Gilbert Castellanos each commands his own dedicated following; each maintains a separate, flourishing career. “A lot of people who come to our shows don’t give a crap about me,” says Valle. “They come to see Allan on the piano, or Gilbert work his horn. There’s not a weak link in this band. Playing with these guys is like taking a ride in the hippest car in the world: it just goes, man. And you just sit back, and you say to yourself, man, I can’t believe this.”


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