Jay Johnson

Jay JohnsonJay Johnson started performing at eleven years old when he discovered his natural ability to make a cousin’s doll come to life. This is when he started using his imagination to entertain. His acute dyslexia disappeared in this world of imagery where he was able to find his self-esteem and notoriety.

Not until college did he learn he was dyslexic. Jay Johnson got side-tracked on his way up the corporate ladder. If not for a little wooden friend of his, Johnson would probably be a successful securities dealer like his father and brother.

That was the idea when Jay Johnson was growing up, and even after he got his degree in Marketing. It was the family degree. His father, his uncle, his aunt, his brother and his sister all received BBAs in Marketing. Jay Johnson was raised to be a business man, but he was born to be a ventriloquist. What was a loss to the investment banking world was a gain to audiences everywhere.