Jay Leno – Marcel Forestieri

Marcel Forestieri as Jay Leno

Marcel Forestieri has been impersonating celebrities virtually all of his life. What started as just entertaining friends and family quickly grew into a professional career. Right out of high school in the early 70’s, Marcel toured professionally as one of the only Elvis Presley tribute acts of its day.

In 1981, in his first theatrical audition, Marcel was cast to play the title role in “Bring Back Birdy” (The sequel to “Bye-Bye Birdy”) on Broadway, with Donald O’Connor & Chita Riviera. His critical acclaim in this role, not only led to other theatrical roles, but a commercial voice-over career, as well.

After seeing an audition tape for “Saturday Night Live”, producer Bill Kirchenbauer hired Marcel to impersonate Jay Leno in his live production show “Legends of Comedy”. While appearing in Atlantic City with “Legends of Comedy”, the producers of “The Tonight Show” contacted Marcel and arranged for Marcel to appear on “The Tonight Show”, spoofing the real Jay Leno in a skit. So successful was the appearance, that Jay has made Marcel a regular performer on the show.




As a master make-up artist, Marcel has developed many other characters that he performs for corporate and special events. In addition to his portrayal of Jay Leno, Marcel has been touring for the past year & a half impersonating game show host “Regis Philbin” in his own unique version of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”, entitled “Is That Your Final Answer?”
Just some of the things that have been said…

“When Forestieri makes his entrance, it’s double-take city. His Silver Streaked hair and jutting jaw give him a spooky resemblance to the “Tonight Show” host. He also has his subjects voice down pat, as well as his mannerisms (especially that quizzical face Leno often makes).”
Chuck Darrow – The Courier Post

“Marcel Forestieri’s Jay Leno is quite a refreshing character study. He does Leno as if he were delivering a “Tonight Show” monologue. In fact, it’s incredibly current, and delivered with on the mark inflections and mannerisms.”

Randy Alexander – The Times

“Marcel with his three-octave speaking range as Jay Leno…Clearly there is strength in the material, but the looks and moves are astonishing as well.”

Charles Einstein – The Star Ledger

“You’ll think you’re watching the real thing…I enjoyed it immensely.”

Pinky Kravitz – The Times