MC Callaghan Ballroom Dancing

MC CALLAGHAN – Dance Instructor and Dance Provider

Born in Canada and a recent resident to La Quinta, M.C. has been dancing since she can remember. She has trained and taught with Arthur Murray Dance School in Montreal and since moving to California in ’85 has continued to compete and perform in everything from Ballroom,  Country and Western , West Coast Swing to Tap and Clogging!

“Dancing is uplifting, says M.C.  It is good for the mind ,body and soul. It keeps your mind sharp, your body in shape and your spirit lifted.”  She currently teaches weekly in Malibu , all over the desert ( Palm Springs area)  and also for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.
M.C. considers herself to be a ” 2 Left Feet Specialist!” specializing in teaching solid basics to Beginners  in a fun and easy way. She teaches Privates, group and Party Event lessons.