Murder Mystery – A Party You’ll Die For

Murder Mystery

The show begins with a “Get Acquainted Before You Die Party” where the actors pose as guest.

From the moment you meet the Mistress of Murder the plot begins to thicken. Each guest will be given one half of a clue card. They will search for the person with the other half of their clue, find a match and the mystery is a foot.

We will set up the guests of your choice as suspects. They are framed and become part of the show.

We will personalize your party when given funny inside information about your guests or company to make your event one-of-a-kind.

In between the courses of dinner the plot twists leaving everyone more suspicious than ever. A musician provides the live soundtrack as Detective Riley encourages everyone to piece together all the clues to solve the mystery. Some of your guests are suspects. They are framed and become a part of the show. Detective Riley helps your guests piece together the clues, solve the mystery, and win a prize!

Over dessert you’ll have the opportunity to solve the mystery – and those who do will win a prize. For those who don’t our deadly cast will take their places and perform a humorous summation which exposes the suspects and is sure to leave everyone “Dying with laughter”.

A perfect mixer for all social occasions. What a great way to get the party going!

All guests are invited to lie about their true identity. It seems like any other dinner party…until “POW”, “WHAM”, “CRASH”, your dinner companion falls over dead! Have you prepared your alibi? Will you be rich and famous or mysterious and aloof?

Your party can be personalized when given information about your guests to make your event one-of-a-kind!