PartyQuake has a very simple philosophy: Use high energy music from the 1960s, 70, 80s and 90s to get audiences involved in the experience of the party.

PartyQuake transports your guests back to a simpler time and converts them into participants instead of spectators. The onstage energy of PartyQuake ignites an event and becomes a shared experience for al all. PartyQuake can excite any audience and is guaranteed to keep them on the dance floor all night long!

With their tight arrangements and non-stop grooves, the rhythm section can get even the most confirmed toe-tapper out of their seat. Vocalist Phil Lenud burns down the house with his singing and eye-popping dance moves. Michelle Duffy not only burns down the house, but melts the foundation with her sizzling, sulty voice. The optional Horn Section provides additional heat to keep the dance floor jumping. For even more fire, PartyQuake can add dancers to keep the party burnin’ all night long. Classic Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Disco, Soft Ballads, Jazz – PartyQuake has the formula to keep your event hoppin’



  1. I Gotta Feeling Cover 1:00
  2. Jessie's Girl 0:54
  3. My Love 0:39
  4. California Girls Cover 1:07
  5. Ain't No Mountain' 0:50
  6. Moves Like Jagger Cover 0:39
  7. Jump Jive 0:40
  8. Sweet Child O Mine FINAL 0:50