Peter Monroy

Peter Monroy grew up in the California sunshine of Los Angeles raised by a family of talent.
His father was a classically trained tenor.

As early as the age of ten, Peter’s flair for drums, guitar, and keyboards began to blossom, and he decided he wanted to be a drummer!

At 13, he joined his first band playing drums in a Beatles cover band.
At 17, while at a recording session for the band “Shiro,” the singer didn’t show up. Peter wrote the song they were recording, so he figured he might as well sing it . . . and a star was born!
His father recognized his son’s vocal talent and began coaching Peter to develop his unusual four-octave range.

In 1998, Peter decided to move to Las Vegas to play music full time.
By 2000, he had played many local clubs but found the casinos to be a better opportunity to play full time.

In March of 2000, he signed a one year contract with a small local casino called Vacation Village. He honed his craft there and decided in 2001 to end his contract with Vacation Village and venture out to the other properties on the strip.

Peter performed in every top casino lounge on the strip, and his genuine love of music and performing would always wash over the audience, and they couldn’t help being captivated by this mesmerizing entertainer making him a favorite with hotel staff and guests alike.

In 2007, the Venetian Hotel recognized Peter’s uncanny ability to draw and captivate an audience, and they asked Peter to sign an exclusive contract with them. He has been wowing the crowds ever since!

The Peter Monroy Show takes you on a musical journey through the ’70’s, ’80’s, ’90’s and today. As one audience member put it, “No matter what age you are, there’s a song for everybody!”

Peter Monroy blows you away with his uncanny vocal renditions of artists such as Led Zeppelin, Journey, Guns -n- Roses, as well as one of his own compositions, “Again” from his new self-released EP Level 7.