Phantom of the Forest

Phantom of the ForestThe Phantom of the Forest is hardly ever seen, and so meeting this phantom will be a most memorable moment. The species is considered to be very rare, and it’s reclusive manner, and Lifestyle in the old growth forests of the world keep it largely hidden from view.

A fourteenth Century Poem (translated) says:

“Men gaped at the hue of him
Ingrained in garb and mien
A fellow fiercely grim
And all a glittering green.”

“And garments of green girt the fellow about-
And verlly his vesture was all vivid green,
So were the bars on his belt and the brilliants set
In ravishing array on the rich accoutermnets
About himself and his saddle on silken work.
…Yes, garbed all in green was the gallant rider,
And the hair of his head was the same hue as his horse….”

The mystery of it is one of the fascinations confronting each person in that moment. Nature is bigger than you think. Nature’s more mysterious. The nature of a tree is to be rooted. Seeing it otherwise is a big shift of reality. What’s perceived of as reality is then shifted around. Trees normally are stuck in one-place. It fits our mode of what reality is. For a tree to be uprooted and walking is a little unusual at first.