Polyester Express

Polyester Express

Do you remember Eight track tapes- Leisure Suits- and Disco Balls?

This is just part of what you’ll experience with America’s hottest Retro-Active band, POLYESTER EXPRESS. This band will take you back to some of the greatest disco and Rock hits of the 1970’s. Influenced by the Baby Boomer generation, this crazy Afro wig wearing, musically talented interactive party band is perfect for occasions where fun is the main focus of the evening. The music will take you back to the days of The Bee Gees, Donna Summer, The Commodores and even the Village People, bringing back memories of some of the best days of your life. So if you’re looking for the perfect party band that will give you “Boogie Fever” and keep everyone at your party “Stay’in Alive,” this is it!

View their songlist here 70’S PLAYLIST



  1. Respect 0:32


Polyester Express is also available as a 5-piece.