Steve Bernard

The art of ventriloquism is alive and well, thanks in part to the fresh, fast paced and highly entertaining approach that Steve Bernard is internationally known for.

The combination of high energy comedy, unique visual surprises, flawless technique and audience contact, have made Steve and Jack an audience favorite worldwide. Add to that a professional attitude that puts the client first, and you have a combination to make your function a success.

As a ventriloquist, Steve doesn’t work alone. In the spotlight next to him is one endearing rabbit named Jack. Normally, rabbits don’t talk, but this one is different. This one talks a lot. He’s quick witted, and funny, too. He’s also packed with personality and charm, not an easy task for a puppet.

Jack’s popularity is one reason for the comedy duo’s success. Another is because Steve personalizes part of each show with humor that is specific to each particular audience. The laughs keep coming as Jack happily acknowledges a few key people in the audience with hilarious and unexpected results.