The Antix

AntixThe Antix is a sizzling performance dance band with unequaled vocal and instrumental verve that covers a tremendously rich musical palate ranging from jazz to disco, Top 40 to alternative rock and everything in between. Fortune 500 companies have enjoyed Antix performances from the Los Angeles Convention Center to the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas. Guests have danced the night away with The Antix at Caesar’s Palace, where they have opened for Vanessa Williams. After vigorous screening, the “Here Comes the Guide” wedding publication chose to list The Antix as one of Southern California’s top dance bands. Brides and grooms have hired this talented group to ensure that their special day is spectacular. All aspects of the wedding can be covered from ceremony and cocktail music, to emcee announcements and reception dancing.




  1. Be All Right 0:46