The Choice Entertainers

The Choice Entertainers1

The Choice Entertainers, as they are eloquently called, began their trek toward stardom in late May 2009, when Mr. Calvin Manson’s vision of resurrecting a musical tribute to the pioneers of the Doo Wop, Pop, Rock and Roll and Rhythm and Blues (R&B) eras was actualized in a play written and directed by Mr. Manson entitled Looking for an Echo, with a sub-title of “Forty years and we still ain’t got no Band.”

Nine ( at the time) African American men were assembled by two of San Diego’s notable vocalist, Mr. Roosevelt Carter and Mr. Aaron Holland to handpick musical vocalist for the stage production of Looking for an Echo, a musical retreat to the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and presenting the Doo Wop Street Corner genre~ of those periods.

Their distinctive style and magical blend of harmonies and lead singers earned them the San Diego Critics Choice Award for best summer Special Event; special guest appearance at the renowned San Diego Patte~ Awards Ceremony; where they performed before a sold out audience at the Lyceum Theatre on two occasions: special artist at the Fisk University annual fundraiser; special guest artist at the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Fundraiser with Cuba Gooding Sr. and the Main Ingredient; special guest artist at the San Diego Repertory Theatre Annual Fundraiser and Christmas Gala; and the current artist for the King Stahlman commercial.

“And now there are eight” (Rodger Varner (bass), Roosevelt Carter (lead/ second tenor, baritone & bass), Aaron Holland (lead/baritone), Herb Sims (lead/tenor), Carl Overstreet (lead/baritone), Ahmad Rashada (lead/baritone & bass), and Art Boyd (“the old guy”) (tenor/baritone).  In December 2010, the group welcomed revered gospel vocalist Rodney Hutsona (lead, tenor & baritone).  Nevertheless, despite the personnel losses the group has never faltered nor looked back and arguably still displays incredibly versatile harmonies and lead vocals that tend to be their trademark.  In a time period when audiences are expressing a definite affinity and yearning to hear: Old School and Doo Wop” the Choice Entertainers have accepted the challenge to distinguish themselves by providing and modeling the high-level and quality music of the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties periods, which we preferably refer to as the “The Genesis of all music.”

The Choice Entertainers take pride in our ability to provide professionalism and crowd-pleasing performances.  Their dedication and commitment to kids, seniors and the public at large personifies their love of humankind.  Their determination, talent and ability to sing a variety of musical genres~ make them special, “They Love What We Do!”