The Clever Cleaver Brothers

Regis Philbin says “The Clever Cleaver Brothers aren’t just clever. They’re funny and can cook, too.” Leeza Gibbons notes, “Anything these guys do promises to be fun.” And, “Emmy” magazine adds, “They’re what you might get if Martin and Lewis graduated from The Cordon Bleu.”

The Clever Cleaver Brothers are Lee N. Gerovitz and Steve Cassarino—professional chefs who have turned their love for food and laughter into a unique career as media personalities, cookbook authors, and, as one pundit called them “stand-up chefs.”

Working without fancy equipment, costly pots and pans, or gourmet gadgets, Lee and Steve are known not just for their simple recipes, ang light hearted style, but also for their outlandish costumes. For a Ceasar salad, they may be dressed as Roman gladiators. Or perhaps they will be attired as Venetian Gondeliers to prepare lasagna!

These culinary cut-ups are regulars on the TV talk show circuit with appearances on “CBS This Morning,” “Dateline NBC,” “Live with Regis And Kathy Lee,” “Entertainment Tonight,” and many others. Their syndicated TV cooking vignettes “KITCHEN CUT-UPS!” are broadcasted in over 50 countries in five languages. They’ve authored a cookbook “cookin’ with the Cleavers,” plus their television recipes are available on a three volume home-video series.

When not in a television studio, The Clever Cleaver Brothers take their talents on the road presenting their Vegas-style cooking show at conventions, festivals, home shows, corporate meetings, and other special events. Imagine cloning Julia Childs with Roseanne, Paul Prudhomme with dom DeLuise, or Justin Wilson with Jeff Foxworthy. The Clever Cleaver Brothers on stage are what happens when Saturday afternoon’s TV cooking show meets “Saturday Night Live”—complete with costumes from Hollywood’s greatest epics.