The Funky Hippeez

Funky Hippeez

The FUNKY HIPPEEZ are a live 70s Retro Revue. Complete with elaborate costumes and antics reminiscent of the late 70s Disco Era. The show is a fast paced non stop ride through your favorite K-Tel Disco Hits.

The band consists of five members, lead vocals, guitarist, bassist, drummer and keyboardist. There is also an option to add on Solid Gold Dancers to the show. The group was formed in 1994 when lead vocalist Poporn Jackson left another famous 70s band Boogie Knights.

The FUNKY HIPPEEZ have played for small intimate private parties of 100 guest to 500,000 at the Staples Center for a Lakers party. They have also played for hundreds of night clubs, movie premieres and corporate events, establishing themselves as the world’s number one 70s Disco tribute act.

The FUNKY HIPPEEZ, always being innovative and ahead of the game when it comes to trends, continue to polish and improve their show, entertaining audiences over and over again in and out of state and country. Proving that the 70s is truly an era that will never die. Don’t wait to bring the 70s, disco and The FUNKY HIPPEEZ to your town!