The Water Coolers

Water Coolers

For your next big party or conference, gather round The Water Coolers™. Conceived by one of the creators of the long-running New York hit Tony and Tina’s Wedding, The Water Coolers employs original songs, musical parodies and comic sketches to gently poke fun at the rituals and routines of our daily grind so we can all work together “happily ever laughter.” Following its exciting NY debut, The Water Coolers is ready to book into your next sales meeting, managerial conference or annual retreat.

Corporate trainer and former conference planner Sally Allen (Executive Director of Hospitality and Tourism Skills, National Skills Standards Board) and actor and comedy writer Thomas Michael Allen (Tony and Tina’s Wedding, spots for Lincoln Mercury, Coca-Cola, Burger King…) decided to blend their individual expertise into a common venture. Using Broadway talent to create first-class musical comedy entertainment tailored to the needs of the professional meeting planner, the Allens recruited creative kingpins from both the New York business and theatre worlds to create a fresh, new look at the topic.

A “laugh-out-loud” look at the workplace, The Water Coolers is high-powered entertainment about the fast-changing, fast-talking, hard-driving office environment of contemporary America. From worrying about what you might have said at last Friday’s happy hour, (“Panic Monday”) to decoding the mystery of “Casual Friday” to fending off the insidious technology takeover, (“In Windows 2525”), The Water Coolers offers a hilarious take on what we go through just making every work week happen.

The Water Coolers is a self-contained and portable entertainment. A company of seven, including five performers, one pianist, and one production manager, carry all scenic elements and costumes. Talk to us about optional packages to customize the show for your audience.

“It was fantastic. I want to hire them for the sales meeting. They captured so many things that are so real in an office and it was funny.” — Nancy McKay, Vice President of Sales, Clinique

“I love the show. I’ve worked for a small start up company in middle America and now I’m on Wall Street and I think the show appeals to that whole spectrum.” — Alicia Duran, Vice President of Research, Merrill Lynch

“It was super, I loved it. The ideas were brilliant, they really cut to the core of this office dynamic that I live every day. The talent was incredible.” — Shari Krikorian, Director, E-Commerce, MasterCard, International

“I thought it was great, it really rang true. I’ve had a lot of experience in the banking and insurance before I became an attorney and all the things that happen were reflected, but they make you laugh at it and that’s great.” — Jim McBride, Associate Attorney, Schulte, Roth, Zabel, LLP

“The laughs were great. I loved it. It really transcended my expectations.” — Rick Sabatini, Senior Graphic Designer, DDB Worldwide Communications Advertising

“This was totally great. The talent was unbelievable.” — Emily Furlani, Associate Art Director, Metropolitan Home

“I loved it. On Monday, I’m going to have to go look for microphones because I think you all have been in my office. It’s what I live everyday…with better singing and dancing.” — Richard McKay, Project Manager, Davis, Brody, Bond Architects

“I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt.” — Ian Doherty, Associate Art Director, Home Magazine