Atom – The World’s Fastest Painter

AtomAtom is both an artist and a showman, and he paints his amazing moon art in front of live audiences. Using just a can of spray paint and a knife, Atom takes a blank canvas and turn it into a stunning piece of art while crowds watch, fascinated.

His paintings are dazzling lunar landscapes, space worlds that exist only in science fiction. And what is even more remarkable about his art is that he creates my paintings start to finish in about 3 minutes!

He first learned how to paint small paintings with spray cans years ago while traveling in Mexico. He found the technique of layering paint and removing it with a knife to be just what he was searching for. Atom could have instant gratification and realize his artistic vision in minutes. Using this style of painting, Atom could create infinite varieties of extremely colorful paintings that were exciting and otherworldly.

Traveling all over the world as a street artist has been an incredible adventure for Atom. And now he is available for both corporate and private events.