Carter Collins

Carter Collins

Enjoy the strong and jazzy vocal sound of Carter. Offering a flavor of Joe Williams, Sinatra, Hartman and Torme! Carter’s smooth sound and effortless voice performance is reminiscent of Nat Cole and Dean Martin.Carter has performed at some of the A-Lists most coveted venues. Just to name a few: the Friar’s Club of Beverly Hills, California; Golf and Country clubs in Yuma and Scottsdale Arizona; the MGM Vip Lounge of Las Vegas and Texas Station Casino. Carter was commissioned in 2004 to perform throughout the summer with the world famous Johnny Trudell and his 18-Piece orchestra at Detroit’s waterfront Seldom Blues dinner room. Music critics raved about his performance at the 2004 International Jazz Festival in Hart Plaza in Detroit, and was recognized for his performance at the 2005 International Pan American Games in Windsor Ontario.

Carter’s vocal sound can make a performance in a dim lit hall turn into a gala affair in a crystal ballroom. An evening of romantic sound and elegance that you will not forget.



  1. Very Good Year 0:29
  2. Shining Hour 0:26