Celeste Barbier

Celeste Barbier is most known for her smooth, rich, sultry and seemingly effortless vocal style. Her voice has been likened to that of Julie London, Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald and Karen Carpenter.

She has a clear, melodic, very clean sound that appeals to a broad demographic and really has a way of bringing the listener “back” to the former eras of bygone eras through her choice of standard classics and favorites. When using tracks, she only selects high quality tracks that do not use “synthesized” sounds and creates custom playlists for the event whether it’s a wedding, or a themed event.

Celeste has over 150 songs from the 20’s through 60’s in her repertoire including jazz and standard favorites that delight people of all ages and backgrounds. She is the ideal entertainer for background ambiance, mixers, slow dancing, dinners, cocktail hours and more. She is highly sought after for events with historical themes such as the Roaring Twenties, Prohibition Era, USO, 30’s & 40’s, 50’s and Hollywood Glamour. One of the things that makes Celeste so unique is that she will always dress in vintage styles and colors to match the theme of any event being held and she always uses her vintage iconic Shure 55 Microphone. She is also extremely gregarious and yet professional and adaptable to changes to performance environments and works well with a variety of personalities.

Check out Celeste’s Song List Here: FULL SONG LIST with Keys, Artists & Years

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  1. Dream A Little Dream 3:44
  2. Fever 3:21
  3. Girl From Ipanema 2:43
  4. Stormy Weather 3:02