Fred Saxon

Fred Saxon Emmy

Fred Saxon is an award-winning television personality, speaker, reporter, and media trainer. He has also been a performer, actor, announcer, standup comic, and talk-show host. In each of these roles Fred has connected with audiences large and small in a personal and dynamic way.

Regis Philbin once dubbed two-time EMMY winner Fred Saxon the ‘Prince of Hollywood’– and for good reason–Fred’s Hollywood career as a producer, host, and entertainment reporter began at CNN’s beginning. For over 25 years he’s interviewed the biggest stars of movies and television.

Throughout his broadcast career Fred has archived a video collection of his more than 500 interviews with the stars. Along with those interviews, he’s accumulated hundreds of entertaining and revealing stories about his experiences with Hollywood celebrities–some of most famous people in the world.

Who are your favorite Hollywood stars? Chances are, Fred can tell you what they’re really like, reveal a surprise or two, and share what he has learned from the many different interview situations he’s been in.

Fred will add ‘Star Power’ to your next event–like no one else can–with video clips of his time with Hollywood’s fascinating and famous. In addition, he can involve the audience in an interactive celebrity quiz and trivia contest, along with an informative Q & A session.

Fred’s light-hearted brand of humor, experience, and expertise in putting people at ease (and himself on the spot) will make for a fun and entertaining time!